Teen Pregnancy

Teen Pregnancy


What is Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy is a multilateral problem – parental, medical, public. And unfortunately, this problem over the years does not lose its relevance. And even more so, it seems that today this problem is at the peak of its relevance.

The Risk of Teen Pregnancy

Teen age begins approximately at ten years and lasts up to eighteen. Pregnancy, which occurs between thirteen and sixteen years is called a teen one. This type of pregnancy is not just a threat to the health and future development of the baby, it is also a threat to the life of a young mother. Because during pregnancy the mother's body undergoes multiple changes and restructuring. And all this, respectively.

Impacts negatively the teenage body. It is only now that the process of formation of the menstrual cycle has begun, maturation, reproductive system still keeps forming and bone system has not yet finished this process. Therefore, early or teen pregnancy is extremely dangerous, and not only by complications and consequences, but also by a disruption of development of the teenage body.

Causes of Teen Pregnancy

There are a number of reasons for this not entirely normal phenomenon. And not always one should and can blame the girl of ignorance and promiscuity. It happens that pregnancy can occur at this age as a result of the violent actions of the partner, coercing factors, and so on.

  • One of the main reasons, of course, is the lack of sexual education. It may be missing altogether or be wrong. All responsibility for sexual education rests on the parents. But not all take the time to give it to their daughter. And many parents themselves live an anti-social lifestyle.
  • Sexual education in schools is almost non-existent. Accordingly, the centers and services, which are designed to assist (psychologically) and protect families and children are not functioning in a proper and full mode.
  • The second reason of teen pregnancy is sex emancipation. Today, the average age of teen pregnancy is sixteen years. According to the same inexorable science of statistics ninety per cent of young people by twenty years already have extramarital sexual experience.
  • Of course, the widespread dissemination of drugs, alcohol, sex and porno advertising promotes such sexual promiscuity, and, of course, inherent to young age the desire to stand out.
  • The third problem of teen pregnancy is ignorance of contraception rules. Despite the diversity of types and ways of contraception, existing in pharmacology and medicine, teens tend to neglect them. Here is a sign of lack of knowledge, understanding, sexual education and fear to buy in a drugstore publicly, financial insolvency, fear of being laughed at by the peers.
  • Well, let alone turning to the doctor for recommendations on the issue of contraception for adolescents.
  • The fourth cause of teen pregnancy is violence. In this case the term is broader than just sexual violence. Constant beating of teenage girls by their sexual partners, sexual coercion – all this too refers to violence in adolescence. Unfavorable family environment can interfere with this fact and be psychological violence for girls.
  • Another reason for teen pregnancy is socio-economic situation.

According to the statistics, the large percentage of this pathology is occurring in countries with low socio-economic status. In many of them, pregnancy at such a young age offers opportunities of getting financial benefits after the baby is born.

Teen Pregnancy: What to Do?

Facts About Teen Pregnancy

Completion of teen pregnancy may have two ways: abortion or childbirth. Among adolescent girls, the risk of ectopic pregnancy increases a dozen times, compared to older women. The cause of this may be sexual and general immaturity, related infectious diseases, sexually transmitted diseases, inflammatory diseases, inflammation of the uterine appendages.

The problem of saving or terminating the pregnancy does not only stand before a teenage girl, but before her sexual partner, and parents. There can never be an unambiguous answer to this question. Both termination of pregnancy and a childbirth are fraught with high risk of various complications and dangers, with possible negative consequences.

Teen Pregnancy Abortion

In the artificial termination of pregnancy there is only one advantage-no pregnancy, no problem. Often adolescent girls are facing such massive "walls" and are under such pressure from the parents, sexual partner, school teachers and even doctors that they have no choice but to have an abortion. Here's only one advice-the sooner, the better, because then the risk of possible complications decreases.

What is the Danger of Artificial Interruption of Pregnancy at a Young Age?

  • High level of probability of puncture or perforation of the uterus or staying of the remnants of the ovum in the uterus. This is due to the immaturity of the genital organs and the entire reproductive system of girls;
  • Disruption of menstrual cycle. If at women of mature age the menstrual cycle recovers in two-four months after giving birth, at a teenage girl the recovery process can drag on for a year or a year and a half;
  • There is a high level of risk of injury of the mouth of the uterine tubes (area where the tubes are coming out of the uterus), which later leads to the process of formation of adhesions and tubal infertility;
  • Inflammatory processes can occur in the internal genital organs, which can result in infertility;
  • The function of the central nervous and endocrine systems can be disrupted, followed, as a result, by the hormonal problems, development of vascular dystonia, weakening of the immune system;
  • A psychological trauma is possible, development of neurosis, psychosis and obsessive conditions, and it usually leaves an imprint for the whole life;
  • Subsequent pregnancies may end with a miscarriage.

Gestation and Childbirth of Teen Pregnancy

For teen pregnancy from medical standpoint the natural delivery is the best outcome. But, in childbirth for girls there is also the danger, and there may be some complications. During adolescence the pregnancy and childbirth are generally severe.

In preserving the pregnancy arises another problem whose solution must be informed and responsible-care and upbringing of the child. Usually, such a mission is assumed by parents of a teenage girl. But, today, it is common to see the girls-young mothers cope alone with all the problems. This leads to difficulties with education, inability to work, and therefore the financial crisis.

Breastfeeding a newborn is another problem that occurs after delivery by a teenage girl. As a rule, young mothers are not capable to breastfeed, and they have to bring up the child by artificial mixtures. The impossibility of breastfeeding is usually due to lack of milk and motivation to this process.

Complexity of Teen Pregnancy

There are certain difficulties in the course of the teen pregnancy. What are they all about?

  • teen pregnancy is usually accompanied by a pronounced toxicosis, low weight increase, high blood pressure and low iron anemia;
  • young pregnant women have the highest level of risk for placental insufficiency, placenta praevia, pre-eclampsia, miscarriages, intrauterine fetal hypoxia, premature birth;
  • teen pregnancy with childbirth often contributes to various anomalies, as a young mother is physically immature, there is a huge percentage of risk of perineal tear, cervical tears and bleeding;
  • at teen pregnancy the level of risk of cesarean section at delivery grows significantly;
  • children born from teenagers, tend to have low weight, retardation in physical and mental development.

Among all these dangers, teen pregnancy has one significant advantage and that is the absence of chronic diseases. And it's a very positive fact which is important during pregnancy.

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