Swimming While Pregnant

Swimming While Pregnant


Swimming During Pregnancy

Despite the fact that swimming is considered the best physical activity for pregnant women and is very good for health, not every future mum is allowed to swim. If you are planning to go to the pool or to swim in natural water, you have to consult your doctor first or at least read this article.

Why Swimming While Pregnancy is Good

It’s not a secret that physical exercises during pregnancy are very beneficial, but you must consider your current condition first. Of course, you can always choose something more familiar (for example, fitness) instead of swimming, but isn’t pregnancy the best time to change your life by making it more healthy and interesting?

Swimming during pregnancy improves the blood flow in woman’s body, strengthens the muscles and increases stamina. Moreover, it is less traumatic than other physical activities (due to the properties of water).

When we swim, we feel ourselves lighter. This feeling only grows when we are pregnant, because the gravity center in the body switches. It makes woman incredibly happy!

Moreover, swimming helps to overcome the heat during pregnancy – it cools the body and helps to control its temperature, preventing dangerous overheating. These days it is easy to find aquaerobic groups for pregnant women in big cities. If you feel yourself good and your doctor allows you to swim, why don’t you try it?

Swimming During Pregnancy: Important Moments

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Unfortunately, there are some contraindications to swimming during pregnancy (as was already mentioned above). The threat of miscarriage is the main contraindication. Your doctor also can forbid you to swim if you are diagnosed with placenta previa and suffer from profuse discharge. By the way, it is very important to monitor your discharge during pregnancy.

If you decide to try swimming during pregnancy, you have to remember a few important things. It can be dangerous to swim in natural water, as the water there isn’t always clean enough. If you have a choice, choose ponds filled with salty water (the ones that are definitely clean).

Water in public pools is always chlorinated for disinfecting and conserving purposes. Though chlorine isn’t harmful in small doses, you should still avoid swallowing such water – it contains chemical, after all. Always remember, that you don’t control your body completely during pregnancy. That’s why it is so important to have someone nearby to help you if it’s necessary.

Please note that not all swimming styles are equally good during pregnancy. For example, butterfly style stresses the press too much and backstroke swimming causes vascular clamping. You won’t have any problems if you are swimming in crawl and breaststroke styles though!

Swimming during pregnancy can help you not only to prepare to childbirth, but to improve your health for the future.

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