Smoked Fish In Pregnancy

Smoked Fish In Pregnancy


Smoked Fish and Pregnancy

Being pregnant, every woman should be aware that now she needs to worry and take care not only about herself, but first of all she needs to do and eat only that in no way will affect the health of the baby!

The normal development of the fetus can be easily disturbed, by eating, as it seems to the expectant mother, the most "innocent" products! Today we will learn whether it is possible to eat smoked fish during pregnancy: salmon, mackerel and other fish.

What Does the Medicine Say?

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Doctors supervising the pregnancy, often say that smoked products, and fish especially is better to be given up not only during pregnancy, but after birth, when the baby will be breastfed.

Smoked mackerel, salmon or any other fish, despite the fact that it's very tasty and appetizing product it contains a lot of harmful substances, that both for the expectant mother and the fetus, which has not been formed, are very harmful.

In addition, smoked fish often contains various parasites that can cause severe illness (Anisacidosis), which, depending on how it will proceed will provoke a miscarriage or harm the child's health. This does not mean that there are parasites in all smoked fish, it just happens sometimes, and no one gives a guarantee that you will not hit it such fish.

The fish may be poorly smoked, then it is not known what to expect from such a product. Also smoked fish, depending on the type can contain large amounts of fat, which significantly affects the weight of the pregnant woman, and this is very important in this period.

In addition, it is believed that smoked fish, or rather the substance contained in it may have a significant negative impact not only on the development of the fetus, but also the formation of the nervous system.

What Do the Pregnant Women Say?

Regardless of the opinion of doctors, pregnant women in this regard formed their own opinion, which is, of course, at odds with the opinion of the physician. Most women, being pregnant, ignore the warnings of this kind and cannot but indulge in this delicacy. They consciously buy smoked fish and eat it whenever they want. The main thing that the fish should be absolutely fresh.

You also need to ensure that after a meal elementary overeating does not happen and you do not feel bad. Therefore, you should eat smoked fish by very small portions – about two small pieces.

Of course, it can be that the smoked fish will not harm if the woman initially has good health. When there is a risk of miscarriage and pregnancy process goes very poorly, which affects the health and well-being of the pregnant woman then, of course, it is not worth to risk one more time.

Do not forget that after all smoked fish can be attributed to the most dangerous food, and it's not just about pregnancy, but in general. Therefore it's all up to you – refrain from smoked fish or to use it in the food!

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