Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy


What are Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy?

This issue is relevant for many expectant mothers, because it affects not only their own health, but also the full development of the baby. It should be said that with the pregnancy you often have to give up the most popular and common positions, particularly on the back and abdomen, giving preference to sleep on your side.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy in the First Trimester

A feature of the first trimester is that the fetus is so small that it does not go beyond the small pelvis. Moreover, it is reliably protected by the placenta and amniotic fluid, so in this case during the pregnancy it is allowed to sleep on your stomach.

The only thing that can bring discomfort in this position is the increased breast tenderness and its engorgement, it is especially true with curvaceous women. Therefore, if you experience such discomfort, you should give up the sleeping on your stomach, because it will give a good night's sleep.

Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy in the Second Trimester

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After the 12th week the fetus begins to actively grow, the volume of the abdomen, respectively, increases, so that the number of sleeping positions during pregnancy decreases. In particular, it is not allowed to sleep on your stomach, but only on the side or back. Otherwise your weight begins to push on the baby, which prevents its full development, and may even be at risk of serious injury.

Sleeping Positions in the Third Trimester

Doctors believe that after about 28 weeks, or even earlier, sleeping on your back should be given up. In this case, there is no difference how to sleep during pregnancy with twins or one baby – sleeping on the back should definitely be excluded.

This is because the uterus and the fetus are so increased in size, that they began to put pressure on the intestines, lower back, and, importantly, on the vena cava. As a result of impaired blood flow, the fetus starts to get less oxygen. Therefore, the third trimester of pregnancy may be accompanied by dizziness, worsening of hemorrhoids, difficulty while breathing and other problems. Their source is the sleep on the back during pregnancy.

The fact that the blood flow is disrupted, you will be told by the baby who begins to actively push, expressing his/her dissatisfaction. Therefore, if during the sleep the activity of the child is markedly increased, it is better to change the position on a more secure – on your side.

Benefits of Sleeping on the Side

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Sleeping on your side during pregnancy is the right decision, which allows you to be sure that the blood flows without interruption to the baby. To make sleep more comfortable, you can bend the right leg at the knee and put it on the pillow.

Sleeping on the side allows to:

  • Reduce the swelling of hands and feet, as the normal functioning of kidneys is adjusted;
  • Provide a full flow of blood to the placenta, eliminating the chance of oxygen starvation of the baby;
  • Support the optimal performance of a mother's heart;
  • Avoid pressure on the liver;
  • Avoid pain in the pelvis and back.

Lots of Pillows is a Real Salvation for Pregnant Women

Choosing a sleeping positions in pregnancy, you should take care that in a permitted position the sleep is really comfortable. It is recommended to use a variety of pillows and cushions that can be placed wherever is convenient. For example, the presence of cushion under the right leg bent at the knee when sleeping on the side, making the blood flow in the legs and, consequently, no numbness.

As practice shows, sleeping during pregnancy (big belly makes a lot of adjustments in it) will be more comfortable, if you put a small cushion under the back. Well-proven is a special pillow for pregnant women, which is in the form of a horseshoe. Due to its large size it is possible to stay on it with the maximum comfort.

For those who are afraid that there is a desire to lie down on your back or stomach, the pillows can be put on the sides. This natural barrier will not allow to roll into a dangerous position, which means that the expectant mother can relax and not worry about that while sleeping she will harm her baby. It is also possible to place a pillow under the belly, between your knees, under your hands – there are a lot of ways. It is important that you feel comfortable.

Options of Sleeping Positions During Pregnancy

  • In the supine position on the left side, right leg is bent at the knee, under it the pillow is placed. Left leg is straight or bent. For added convenience, you can hug with your hands another pillow;
  • Pillow for pregnant women is passed between the legs (position – lying on your left side), then the stomach is wrapped with it. Its second end is put behind the back and is laid under the head. It turns out a kind of a "nest";
  • Under the back, you can put a pillow (posture – on the left side), and the second one- to compress by the legs. This will prevent accidental roll on the back or stomach.

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