Skin Rash During Pregnancy

Skin Rash During Pregnancy


Common Skin Rashes During Pregnancy

During pregnancy many women face the most various problems, thus formation of rash on stomach, face, hands, feet is the most widespread. Such rash can have not only not attractive outward, but thus and to bring strong discomfort (for example, the intolerable itch develops).

Rash on Stomach During Pregnancy

Pregnancy, even today, is mysterious process which brings to the woman many surprises, thus they will not always be pleasant. If the woman has faced emergence of rash on stomach, also quite strong itch afterwards is shown.

It is not rather simple to remove such unpleasant symptom as itch as soon it again will appear, it is necessary to establish at first, and then to eliminate the reason which has provoked formation of the rash. First of all, it is necessary to ask for the help the doctor who observes pregnancy course as only he can establish, this symptom is how dangerous.

After the doctor performs careful inspection of the woman, in case of need, he can appoint carrying out additional clinical trials. The matter is that during pregnancy formation of rash can be provoked by the most various reasons.

The Dermatosis Reasons at Pregnant Women

It should be taken into account that fact that first of all formation of rash can be caused by the pregnancy. The matter is that during this period in female organism quite strong hormonal changes which in turn provoke manifestation of strongly pruritic rash start happening.

First of all the stomach area starts suffering. In certain cases localization of rash can happen only on this site, but also also its distribution is possible and on other parts of body – hips, breast, buttocks, hands can suffer, the back, thus in the extremely exceptional cases rash is shown on soles and feet.

Practically in all cases rash is shown on the third trimester of pregnancy in stomach, especially on striyas. However, such problem can appear and during the first and second trimester of pregnancy.

Bases of Manifestation of Rash at Pregnancy

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First of all on surface of integument papules of red color, thus, quite often start appearing, they are surrounded with white rim. Over time such papules will not turn into painful bubbles, and there is their merge and formation of edematous plaques.

Allergic Rash in Pregnancy

Practically each woman is in zone of risk and many representatives of fine half of mankind during pregnancy start suffering from strong allergy, even if earlier it was never shown.

During pregnancy female organism becomes very sensitive and can react extremely sharply to any irritants (not only external, but also internal factors). For this reason for all 9 months the woman should treat with special attention as food, and everything that surrounds it. Can cause quite strong attacks of allergy anything is and dust, wool of domestic animals, household chemicals, cosmetics, plants, clothes made of synthetic materials, food stuffs and many other things.

If the allergy has been provoked by food stuffs, then, practically in all cases, the small tortoiseshell is shown. It is important to be very careful as this very dangerous state for the pregnant woman, thus her health can quickly and sharply worsen and progress. At the small tortoiseshell appears not only characteristic rash on stomach surfaces, but also rashes can bulk up, there is strong and almost intolerable itch, over time they burst that in turn leads to increase of risk of entering of infection.

Heat Rash at Pregnancy

Most often at pregnant women in summertime of year the heat rash is shown, thus rashes are formed on stomach surface. The heat rash in all cases is followed by rash and strong itch. The increased sweating, carrying the hot clothes made of low-quality synthetic materials, frequent carrying bandage, and of course, the wrong hygiene in summertime can provoke this unpleasant phenomenon.

Infectious Diseases

During pregnancy the organism of the woman is weakened and cannot independently resist to various infections. Therefore absolutely there is nothing surprising that the woman can suffer from some unpleasant infectious disease which education is followed by emergence of rash.

If there was infectious defeat, then skin rash can be followed by strong itch, and thus extend on surface of all body (at some diseases certain body parts can suffer), thus the tummy practically always suffers.

To infectious diseases which are capable to provoke emergence of rash on skin, the rubella, measles, chicken pox and others can belong. Thus nature of manifestation of rash at these diseases will differ. For example, if the woman suffers from measles, then on surface of integument there can be hillocks of red color, thus over time they will extend on all body – the neck, face is surprised, the trunk, hips, hands and feet suffers then. Manifestation of herpes and chicken pox happens in the form of ugly pink specks to bubbles. These bubbles start bursting over time then on their place erosion are formed and further become covered with cicatricial fabric, crusts.

No matter what has provoked emergence of rash and at suspicion to availability of infection, it is necessary to ask immediately for the help the doctor who will take all necessary measures – will perform full inspection of the patient, will establish the correct diagnosis, and in case of need, will appoint course of treatment.

Failures in Work of Internals

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There are cases when rash on body at the pregnant woman is shown as a result of disturbance of functioning of different internals which can not cope with the raised loading. It is very often shown in the form of the rash which is formed not only on stomach surface, but also on other parts of body.

Most often disturbance of work of gall bladder or liver is so shown. It can occur as a result the woman accepted some medicines which make negative impact on condition of liver or the growing fruit starts pressing strongly on bilious canals therefore bile cannot correctly leave. It is possible to solve this problem only by means of the experienced doctor. By no means it is impossible to try to carry out independent treatment and as a result it is possible to aggravate own state only.

Formation of rash on skin can be provoked not only by above-mentioned reasons, but also others. Only the doctor can establish the exact diagnosis then will appoint the correct treatment or will register methods thanks to which observance it will be possible to facilitate condition of the pregnant woman considerably. For example, if rash has been provoked only by allergy, then it will be rather simple to get rid of effect of allergen. In certain cases reception of special antihistamine which only the doctor can register can be necessary.

Also it is possible to facilitate condition of the woman thanks to use of the good moisturizing cream which has to be completely natural. It is important to remember that allergic rash is shown quite often as a result of use of low-quality or improper creams from extensions. Therefore to prevent emergence of ugly strips on skin surface, to get rid from which after the delivery it will be quite heavy, it is recommended to resort only to natural and safe methods – for example, use of simple olive oil which small amount is applied on problem sites of skin is very effective. The main thing to do such cosmetic procedures regularly, and then it is possible not to worry because there can be extensions.

Also to remove unpleasant itch also grass compresses or wipings can help. However, with use of herbs it is necessary to be extremely careful as some herbs are capable to provoke quite strong allergic reaction. Ideal option will be to take simple baking soda (one tea spoon) and to dissolve it in boiled water (half of one glass).

The most important, during pregnancy is with special attention to watch own hygiene, regularly to take shower and at emergence of the first feeling of discomfort to ask for the help the doctor.

Rash Standing at Pregnancy

Pregnancy becomes the period enough serious tests which the woman's organism should transfer, after all at this time it starts being reconstructed and work absolutely on another, than before conception of the kid.

Now there can be most various troubles to which number rash on skin most often belongs. During pregnancy formation of rash standing can be sure sign of that the woman suffers from unpleasant diseases, also in organism certain disturbances can proceed. Therefore, before starting looking for methods of elimination of rash, it is necessary to establish precisely the reason which actually and has caused it.

As a result emergence of skin rashes during pregnancy can be provoked by the most various reasons, treatment to appoint capable only the experienced doctor. First of all the doctor performs careful inspection of the patient then establishes the exact diagnosis, and only after that can appoint carrying out not only effective, but also completely safe treatment.

As soon as the doctor precisely establishes the reason which has led to emergence of rash, treatment is appointed, first of all at which, are eliminated main and the unpleasant symptoms capable strongly to spoil life to the woman. In certain cases happens rather simple use of body cream which helps to remove itch, eliminates reddening, calms skin and removes irritation (for example, La-Cri cream). Also perfectly also La-Cri emulsion who nourishes will help and moistens very dry skin, promotes decrease in sensitivity.

What to do at Emergence of Rash?

First of all, as it already has been written above, it is necessary to ask immediately for help the experienced doctor who will make the diagnosis, will register the correct and safe treatment and will help to facilitate condition of the pregnant woman considerably.

It is also possible to resort to several simple methods thanks to which it is possible to facilitate own state considerably:

  • it is correct to pick up the moisturizing skin cream which has to be qualitative and consist of natural components, without addition of chemistry which most often and leads to emergence of rash;
  • with special attention to watch your own hygiene, in summertime to take shower more often, thus it is not recommended to use modern shower gels as they may contain the substances capable to provoke quite strong skin allergy;
  • if rash has been provoked by improper feeding, it is necessary to adhere to quite simple diet – first of all to remove from the daily diet tea, coffee, various juice (both store, and house), and to eat more fresh fruit (of course if they do not cause allergy).

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