Shrimp During Pregnancy

Shrimp During Pregnancy


Shrimp in Pregnancy

Shrimps recently have become very popular, they even have become usual food product in many regions. In spite of rather high price, they – are ordinary decoration of a table during feast events in salads, and every second man buys them to beer.

Fears to do harm to the baby often make future mothers give up many potentially dangerous products. Unfortunately, shrimps during pregnancy are from that category. Despite very high nutritional value and absolute profit of shrimps, during pregnancy it is worth limiting their eating, especially in last weeks.

The reason is not at all in horror stories from newspapers about the high amount of mercury in shrimps, actually they don’t accumulate mercury. The main reason – is very high risk of allergy development.

Can Pregnant Women Eat Shrimps?

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If they are usual for you and you often eat them, most likely, nothing terrible will happen to you if you will sometimes regale yourself with them. But if you have not bought them before – keep the rule that during pregnancy it is better not to change your menu, and to avoid new delicacies.

Even if you have not refused shrimps before pregnancy, during this period of life try to be more careful. Sometimes an organism reacts unpredictably to similar products when the woman is in the family way.

After 22 weeks your baby has his own immune system and it starts to work. And then you have to refuse the products with high risk of allergy formation for baby’s sake, including shrimps. Though they – are an excellent source of valuable substances necessary for baby’s development.

Why Are Shrimps Useful During Pregnancy?

Shrimps, certainly, are very useful during pregnancy:

  • The peeled meat of these sea inhabitants is transparent, a little rubber, also contains a huge amount of protein. Only 100 grams of shrimps are capable to provide daily necessity of protein for 47%, at the same time shrimps area low-calorie product, only 100-106 calories.
  • You will not get unnecessary fat and carbohydrates from shrimps, they simply don’t have them.
  • Advantage of shrimps at pregnancy is that they are rich in iron, really rich; the value of iron is even more then in such standard sources of iron as pomegranate. Copper and zinc – are two more assistants of blood formation.
  • There is a lot of phosphorus in a digestible form, necessary for keeping your bones and teeth healthy during pregnancy and for development of baby’s bone system.
  • Shrimps contain high quantity of selenium, and it is the immunity of future mother.
  • Magnesium, vitamins of B group, vitamins A and C, actually a third of a daily dose of vitamin D are also necessary for development of a baby.

The only obstacle for eating shrimps during pregnancy is the allergy you have (in early terms). In late term limit them even if you can eat any seafood. Shrimps will create risk of an allergy of your baby.

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  • Sarah says:

    I couldn’t even look at them before pregnancy. Now, I would eat only them if it were possible))

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