Second Trimester Of Pregnancy

Second Trimester Of Pregnancy


Characteristics Of The Second Trimester

A woman on the fourth month is less prone to the risks of sudden interruption of pregnancy. According to observations, only 25% of miscarriages occur during this period. They are also called late miscarriages. An ectopic pregnancy may develop until the second trimester, but most commonly, it is diagnosed within the first three months, and is interrupted.

Health And Changes In Body In The Second Trimester

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By the fourth month, a woman’s body starts growing fast in waist area. It will be evident to a woman by the clothes, which she cannot button. It may become difficult to hide the fact of pregnancy, because of sudden weight gain in this period. There are great changes in circulatory system. This can cause stretch marks appearance. Stretch marks are the reddish stripes, which may show up on the belly zone as it starts growing. Second trimester passes differently for every woman. Therefore, every expectant mother has her own gestation features. One of the symptoms of this period is anemia – a lack of iron in organism.

In the second trimester, a fetus starts being active. Fetal movement can be felt on the 20th week, if it is the first pregnancy and on the 16th week in the second or third pregnancy. Your breast is preparing for baby future feeding. First maternal milk (called “colostrum”) may discharge from nipples on the weeks 19-20. Along with pregnancy term increase, a woman may face evacuation problems. The growing fetus complicates the bowel movement by pressing diaphragm to the stomach. High fiber food can help to ease the problem or to avoid it.

Frequently, a pregnant woman can face a heartburn. It may start bothering any time during gestation, as well as during the second trimester, and may last until the childbirth. Heartburn may become most severe in the last stages. In the second trimester, a woman may have a vaginal milky white discharge. It may become more noticeable in the late stages, but normally, it is odorless and not discomforting to a woman. The discharge appears due to the hormonal changes during pregnancy. Although, there is also a risk of yeast infections, which may bother throughout entire pregnancy period.

One more problem, which a pregnant woman may face, is fluid retention. High estrogen levels in blood hinder the derivation of necessary fluid amount. This state is known as edema. Women may experience swelling in fingers, ankles or other parts of body. It is better to stop wearing rings. During this period, it is required to use much water. It will provide the essential milk amount formation and placenta nutrition. Many pregnant women suffer from varicose veins. The reddish lines may appear on ankles or thighs, sometimes even on breast area.

Complications During The Second Trimester

  • Slight spotting bleeding may also occur in the second trimester. It may happen due to the increased cervix sensitivity. The cervix can get irritated during a vaginal examination or a sexual intercourse. It is urgent to inform your doctor about it.
  • Spontaneous abortion, or miscarriage, can also occur during weeks 12-20. It may cause the same symptoms as the miscarriage in the first trimester.
  • Premature birth may occur in the period of 20-37 weeks.
  • Despite all possible risks, a woman should stay positive. However, she should be aware of all peculiarities of this period. The second trimester is the best time in pregnancy. Toxicosis normally disappears and a woman starts feeling better. The childbirth is still far off and there is no reason for anxiety. Meanwhile, life in your belly goes on! You can feel it by the shocks and movements! The second trimester is the time of most pleasant memories and intimate feelings.

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