Second Pregnancy

Second Pregnancy


Second Pregnancy: Main Differences

The majority of woman that plan the second pregnancy want to know the answer on the following question: Will the course of the second pregnancy go the way the first one went? In reality, the second pregnancy will significantly differ. If there are no big health problems and complications, the second pregnancy will be much easier than the first one. However, this is only on condition that the second pregnancy happens in 2-5 years after the first one. This time is enough for the organism of a woman to fully renew and come back to its normal state after the first baby has been born and breast-fed.

The Way the Course of Pregnancy Goes

The most important fact is that in case of second pregnancy a woman learn about her condition earlier. This happens due to the fact that after the first baby is born the uterus of a woman doesn’t shrink back to its previous state. It is now a little bigger. Consequently, the second pregnancy becomes evident a month earlier than the first one.

A woman is able to feel the movements of the baby earlier than during the first pregnancy. In case of the first pregnancy, a woman started to feel the baby spinning on the 5th month of pregnancy. In case of the second one, the baby starts moving during the 4th month of pregnancy. The reason why a woman is able to feel these first movements is that she is now able to differ between the contractions of the intestines and the yet weak movements of the baby.

The Course of the Pregnancy

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The belly is now lower because the bunches and muscles are much more stretched after the first pregnancy and, as a result, they become weaker. It’s very likely that it will be much easier to breathe during the course of the second pregnancy. Besides, there will be less problems with the organs of digestion since the pressure on the stomach is not that strong now.

However, there is a small fly in every ointment. The major problem will be more frequent times when you will need to urinate and the press on the spine and the lumbar cord. In order to decrease the load on the spine and the lumbar cord you’ll need to do special exercises and start wearing a bandage after the 20th week of pregnancy. The bandage decreases the pressure of the fetus on the spine and veins in the legs. At the same time, it prevent a high uterine tonus from occurring.

During the second course of pregnancy it is completely forbidden:

  • to lift heavy things and sag the back backward.
  • it’s not advisable to keep standing for a long time. If, however, there is such a necessity, you need to bend the knees a little bit. This way you will decrease the load on the spine and small of the back.
  • you need to bend either one or both your knees when you lie sidelong. Or you may put a small cushion in between your legs.
  • when you sit down, you need to put your legs on a small stool or something like that.

An elder child won’t be a nuisance in case you decided to give birth to the second one. Very often, it so happens that the second pregnancy may be difficult because there’s also the first child, also a small one, that demands your attention. If during the course of the first pregnancy a woman could have all the time for herself and, after the baby is born, she was paying attention to him or her, now it is different. Now a mother doesn’t have such an opportunity because she already has one or more babies.

Of course, in case you’re pregnant again, you shouldn’t lift your baby in order to put him or her into bed or into bathroom. The baby will have to learn to do it on his, her own. For example, a baby can do it with the help of a small bench meanwhile a mother keeps a watchful eye on him or her. You also need to be careful when the baby is sitting on your knees. First, you need to sit down and, then, your baby may start climbing onto your knees. Even though, if the baby is too small, you will have to hold him or her. However, you shouldn’t fully bend, but only bend your knees keeping your back straight. You get up on your feet by unbending the knees.

Giving Birth to the Second Child in a Positive Mood

Now, we have good news for you. The labor pains and the process of labor itself, as a rule, happen to last much less. Besides, in case of the second pregnancy, the period of the preparatory contractions also lasts much less. Very often, it so happens that there is no preparatory contractions, the labor starts right away.

This happens due to the fact that the muscles of the vagina and the cervix have become much more elastic. They have already had to stretch and move apart in order to let the head of the baby get through. This means that the second time it will take less time and effort. In cases of those women who give birth to a child for the second time, only 6-8 hours are needed for the neck of the womb to get open.

However, false labor pains are also possible in case of the second pregnancy. You need to change the location of your body in order to understand whether the labor pains are true or false. For example, if you’re sitting or lying down, you need to stand up and walk a little bit and vice versa. A very important fact is that false labor pains disappear once you change your location. The true ones will occur again, irrespective of the location of your body.

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