Seafood And Pregnancy

Seafood And Pregnancy


Seafood in Pregnancy

During pregnancy, the culinary whims of women vary greatly. Today she wants fruits, tomorrow - cake and the day after tomorrow - a herring with chocolate butter. But as they say, the body of the pregnant itself advises the necessary ingredients.

If the restricted sweets the doctors still will help to figure out, then with the amount of consumed protein and fat they won’t. Of course, for the future mother meat, eggs and other protein components are very useful. But is it possible to freely eat seafood?

Can Pregnant Eat Seafood?

The opinions of the nutritionists are united - the expectant mother should eat fish and seafood, but it is very important to have the correct method of cooking. Fresh fish can have worms and other parasites that violate the balance of vitamins and nutrients in the body. For the expectant mother it is very important that there should be no worms. So try to eliminate the sushi bars and Japanese cuisine, serving fresh fish.

As for seafood, it may also be dangerous if it has not previously been frozen. But the smoked seafood for future moms is absolutely harmless, the same fate befalls worms while salting and marinating the seafood.

Some expectant mothers, eagerly gobbling sushi underestimate the danger. They believe that in the expensive and famous restaurants there cannot be contaminated fish. This is a dangerous delusion, since the presence or absence of worms no expert can approximately detect. As a result the exhausted female body gets a food poisoning.

Immediately it is worth noting that the food poisoning does not affect the baby's health. But the expectant mother cannot to be envied in this period - deteriorating health, fatigue and dizziness, parodic vomiting is generally unnerving. So is it worth it? It is permissible to eat any seafood in brine, marinade or fried. The proper heat treatment kills all viruses and bacteria, so that the mother and baby's health is not in danger.

So, when cooking seafood the following recommendations should be observed:

  1. Before cooking, rinse the seafood thoroughly.
  2. The degree of readiness can be checked by piercing the fish with a knife. If the fillet is divided and has no transparent color, then it is ready.
  3. After cooking, leave the dish in the oven for a couple of minutes.
  4. If you cook the shrimp, squid or lobster, salt water better and cook seafood on strong fire until cooked. For example, shrimp and lobster turn red. A mussel and oyster open.

Try to include in the diet of one to two servings of fatty fish. For example, salmon, mackerel, trout, herring - all these are badly needed for the full development of the baby. These varieties contain essential acids and components for the expectant mother and the growing baby, so do not neglect this recommendation.

Is it Safe to Eat Fish and Other Seafood in Pregnancy?

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