Sciatic Nerve During Pregnancy

Sciatic Nerve During Pregnancy


Sciatic Nerve Pain in Pregnancy

Sciatic nerve jam or sciatica causes pain in the lower part of the back that can also spread to hips and shins. Future mothers often have a case of sciatica, especially, during the last trimester of pregnancy. This painful sensation gets only worse because you’re not allowed to take a number of necessary in this case drugs. Besides, the organs of a future mother become susceptible to any changes occurring.

The Reasons for Sciatica During Pregnancy

Hernia, tumor and undercooling – these are the major reasons of sciatica. Apart from these reasons there are other reasons that are typical only in case of pregnant women. The uterus of future mothers is constantly growing. That’s why, as time goes by, it starts pressing on all organs in the organism of a woman. Sciatic nerve is also included in the list of these organs.

The sciatic nerve goes through the area of the small of the back. In other words, it’s located quite close to the uterus. Since the nerve is being pressed on (usually, this happens when a baby turns over and his head is then located down), there is a sensation of a strong pain that occurs. The intensity of the pain and its occurrence depends on what a baby in the uterus is doing. The pain may occur periodically or be a constant.

Symptoms of Sciatica in Case of Pregnant Women

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The pains caused by sciatica may start from the small of the back during the course of pregnancy. It may also spread to hips, legs and buttocks. Usually, the sciatic nerve jam occurs on one side of a body. Consequently, the pain is also a one – sided one. The pain may be different: nagging, burning, sharp, “shot-like”. Sometimes, it can be so strong that a woman can hardly move (it’s hard even to get up from the bed). Your body temperature may also rise.

Treating Sciatica During Pregnancy

Pregnancy connects a mother and her baby closely. That’s why when a mother is in pain and she suffers, the same happens to her baby. Sciatica should be treated. During the course of pregnancy, it’s hard to find the appropriate drugs to cure it since not all drugs are safe for the baby’s health. If the sciatica is already evolving rapidly, a future mother is better lie on a tough surface and take anti-inflammatory drugs or painkillers. These means are usually injected in such a way that they get round the stomach of a pregnant woman.

Apart from taking various drugs, special exercises combined with massage and manual therapy are also necessary. You may chafe the place where it hurts with an alcoholic decoctions made of herbs. This way the are will get warmer and the blood circulation will increase there. If the case is very serious, it is recommended to carry out an operation. Physiotherapy is forbidden in case of pregnancy.

You may put a compress on the area in order to kill the pain (you need to put on hot and cold compresses in turns). You need to have more rest and sleep on a tough surface. There also should be a small cushion put in between your knees. You’d better lie on the side that doesn’t hurt. This will make feel a little better since there will be minimal pressure on your sciatic nerve. There are also special exercises to ease the pain from sciatic nerve jam in case of future mothers. For example, Press your back to a wall. Then, relax and once more press your back to the wall. Do this several times. The muscles of your body stretch and, then, relax.

The next exercise is done when you’re on your hands and knees. Lay down your head and sag your back. Then do it vice versa. Your back is straight while the head is up. Once you do it for several times, the pain will get less painful since the tension in the back will be off. Apart from exercising you may swim in a warm water. The main thing is not to overload your organism. Do not forget that once the first painful sensations occur, you need to tell your doctor about them. Then, the doctor will be able to detect a reason for these sensations and prescribe to you a necessary course of treatment. Doing a massage at home is forbidden since the spine area should only be massaged by a professional.

5 Ways to Help Sciatic Nerve Pain During Pregnancy

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