Red Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy

Red Raspberry Leaf Tea In Pregnancy


Raspberry Leaves for Pregnancy and Breast-feeding

Raspberry leaves are one of the products proved useful not only by strictly scientific facts, but also by centuries-old human experience in the traditional medicine field.

Though the effect of raspberry leaves on pregnant woman’s body still hasn’t been proved scientifically and all we can do is trust the human wisdom and the advices of village midwives. After all, these heroic women consider raspberry leaves totally safe and useful during all stages of pregnancy: from the moment of conception to the childbirth and breast-feeding. If your doctor agrees, you can follow the traditional medicine advices and to use raspberry leaves for both yours and your future baby’s sake.

How Raspberry Leaves Can Be Useful During Pregnancy

Fresh raspberry leaves have several qualities that are very useful during pregnancy. They are mineral-rich, contain a lot of iron, zinc, calcium, magnesium, vitamins (A, B1 and B3, C, D along with an antioxidant vitamin E).

They Reduce Nausea

Many pregnant women experience a certain discomfort caused by morning sickness and even by vomiting. Women, who drink tea with raspberry leaves during the first trimester, notice that this sickness reduces (along with the other symptoms). Theoretically, this happens because this plant has many B group vitamins in it: they help pregnant women to get over the nausea.

They Strengthen the Uterus and Increase the Elasticity of the Vagina

Moreover, raspberry leaves have a number of plant components that thicken the blood and reduce the postpartum bleeding.

Birth Just in Time and Without the Cesarean Section

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Traditional medicine believes that raspberry leaves during pregnancy help to reduce the number of early and late childbirths. You want to give birth on time? Than drink tea with raspberry leaves: every experienced midwife confirms that fact. However, there’s no official medical research proving this.

Mothers, who drank tea and infusions with raspberry leaves during pregnancy, usually experience less hard childbirth (without the forceps, the caesarean section or the vacuum extraction). It seems like a good reason to buy some of this plant, right?

They are Perfect for Prenatal Nutrition

Raspberry leaves contain a lot of phosphorus, calcium, potassium and magnesium in them. These nutrients are the minimum mineral basis needed for maintaining the water balance in woman’s body during pregnancy. The minerals listed above help the baby’s musculoskeletal system to develop and also strengthen the mother’s bones, keeping them strong the whole time.

They Enrich Breast Milk

One of the most important and useful features of these berry leaves is the enrichment of the milk with nutrients. Moreover, the amount of the milk also increases, so if you plan to breast-feed your baby, take care of this beforehand and add raspberry leaves to your nutrition during pregnancy.

How to take Raspberry Leaves

Some women prefer to take extracts of raspberry leaves during pregnancy: syrups, capsules or pills. But the natural ones are much better, so you should learn how to make tea from them. Besides, it isn’t hard at all: put one tablespoon of dried leaves into a pan filled with boiling water and let the water boil for 10 more minutes. Then cool the drink and drink 1 or 2 cups a day.

However, before you start taking raspberry leaves, you have to make sure that you aren’t allergic to this plant. Even the smallest signs of allergy on raspberries or their pollen are enough: in this case, you’d better replace raspberry leaves with other plants that are useful during pregnancy.

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