Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga


Yoga for Pregnancy Women

Yoga classes contribute to the harmonious development of body and soul. This ancient practice affects favorably human health, well-being and mood. Therefore, it is not surprising that many women are interested how to perform the Asanas and Pranayamas properly during gestation. Yoga during pregnancy can significantly ease the childbirth.

The Benefits of Yoga for Pregnant Women

Yoga during pregnancy helps a woman to bear and birth a healthy child without complications. However, the classes for this period differ from the usual ones. First, it should be noted, that the training should be conducted according to a special program and guided by an experienced tutor, preferably a woman.

The exercises, that future mothers perform during in-group classes reduce the swelling, eliminate the nausea, strengthen the spine, improve the blood flow to the fetus, and help to control the weight. However, it is very important to follow the personal feelings during the workout, and to change the Asana in case of the discomfort or pain emerging. Yoga during pregnancy should include the inversed positions, which help to normalize the endocrine profile. It is possible to do such exercises as long as it may be convenient for a pregnant woman.


1. Sit on the floor, grab the left heel and pull it to the perineum. The sole of the left foot should be adjoined to the right thigh. Bend the right leg and place the right foot on the left ankle, and the heel of the right leg close to the pubic bone. Lift the stomach a little, so that the heel of the foot will not press it. If it is difficult to place the foot on the top of the ankle, put it on the floor, in front of the left foot. Keep straight your back, head and neck. Press your palms together at chest level in Namaste. The elbows should be lowered. Close your eyes and turn your gaze inward. Set the breathing. Inhale freely and deeply, filling the lungs with air, and exhale gently. Stay in this position for a minute. This asana prepares the body for the further practice and inspires for the class.

Pregnancy Yoga 1

2. In Siddhasana put the fingers in the lock and pull the lock overhead, with the palms up. Pull the top of the head up and keep the back straight. Hold up for 30 seconds. Do not forget to breathe fully and deeply.

Pregnancy Yoga 2

3. In Siddhasana put the hands in the lock behind the back and pull back with the palms outward. Pull the lock higher up; put the blades together, the shoulders down, and the chin upwards.

Pregnancy Yoga 3

4. In Siddhasana lift the left arm by the wrist behind the back. Gently and slowly, pull the left elbow with the right hand towards you. Sit straight, without turning the body. Breathe calmly and deeply. Then change the hands.

Pregnancy Yoga 4

5. In Siddhasana grasp the wrists with your palms and slide the lock behind the head. Pull the lock to the left by the left hand without bending the head. Hold on at the final point for 15 seconds. Now, pull the lock to the right with the right hand.

Pregnancy Yoga 5

6. In Siddhasana put the palms together behind the back, fingers up towards the head. Raise the palms up at the middle level of the back, the fingers should reach the shoulder blades level. Press the palms together and pull the elbows back, not squeezing the chest. Straighten the chest and lift the breastbone.

Pregnancy Yoga 6

7. In Siddhasana put the left hand on the right ear. Bend the head to the left shoulder slightly pressing the ear. Hold on for 10-15 seconds and change the hands.

Pregnancy Yoga 7


8. “Vriksha” means "tree". In this posture, the whole body is stretched upwards like a tree. Stand straight. Take the right foot with the hands and press it to the left inner thigh as close as possible to the perineum. Draw the knee aside. Raise the hands overhead, cross in wrists and clasp the palms together. Pull the whole body upwards. Try to hold on for 10-15 seconds. You may stick to the furniture until the balance appears and the arch of the foot becomes stronger. Repeat the above steps with the opposite leg.

Pregnancy Yoga 8


9. Place the feet apart. Crouch, with the hands on the knees, leaving the knees behind the feet. The pelvis should be leaning back. Raise the head up and stretch the arms at the sight level, with the palms folded in Namaste. Bend the back in the area of the lower back and the thoracic section. Hold on for 15 seconds and raise up slowly. This Asana strengthens the back and leg muscles, helps to keep the thighs slim and to get rid of the excess fat.

Pregnancy Yoga 9

Padangustasana (The Intermediate Phase)

10. Put the feet apart. Lean forward, keep the knees straight. Wrap the thumbs with the hands (in the easy variant place the hands on the knees or bend the knees slightly), stretch the whole spine and raise the head. The stomach should not be squeezed. Breathe deeply and calmly. Hold on the position for 5 seconds.

Pregnancy Yoga 10

Padangustasana (The Final Phase)

11. Now, on the exhale, pull the head to the knees. Hold on for 10-15 seconds, breathing steadily. Inhale and straighten. This Asana is performed in a slope; it stretches the spine and the surrounding back muscles. Listen to your personal feelings and to the baby. In case of any indisposition felt, the training should be cancelled.

Pregnancy Yoga 11

Prasarita Padottanasana

12. This Asana relaxes the muscles of the lower part of the pelvic area and improves the blood circulation in legs. Put the feet wide at 100-120 cm (39.37-47.24 inches). Rest the hips against a wall to keep balance. Bend forward gradually on the exhale until the fingers reach the floor. Feet and hands should be parallel to each other. Avoid rounding the back and make a slight back concave. In case of feeling uncomfortable in this Asana, bend the legs slightly in the knees and put special blocks under the palms. Fix the bend for 15 seconds. No rush or quick movements. Straighten up slowly.

Pregnancy Yoga 12

Pregnancy Yoga – Strength and Stability

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