Pregnancy Workouts

Pregnancy Workouts


Pregnancy Workouts

Nowadays meeting a pregnant woman in a gym or in a fitness club is no wonder. Many women in the family way continue to keep fit and, respectively, regularly attend gyms. I can only say it is great that women do not view pregnancy as an illness, but as a natural process in their life.

Best Exercises Workout During Pregnancy

Let me warn those women who decided to continue to work out during pregnancy:

1. You can exercise only if you have your doctor's permission. The first trimester of pregnancy is very important for a fetus, and there are dangerous periods in this trimester. These are: weeks 1-3 (fixation of an ovum), weeks 3-7 (foundation of fetal tissues and organs), weeks 8-12 (hormonal change, formation of placenta). That is why during this period you either should not work out at all, or you focus the your training on breath exercises and do them slowly and under your coach's supervision. Do not do any abdominal exercises, and avoid jumping and powerlifting.

pregnancy workouts

2. In the trimester II (especially after the 20th week) you should not do exercises in horizontal position. If you lay during an exercise, your head has to be above the level off your heart. This period is the safest one for training. You can intensify your workouts, but, again, only under your coach and doctor's supervision.

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3. During the trimester III the intensity of training decreases, along with adding more breath exercises. Muscles which will be involved in parturition require more attention. Work on strengthening your back muscles, the inner thigh muscles, arm and chest muscles. A good idea would be switching from gym to pool exercises.

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4. Do not try to lose weight by exercising or dieting. Firstly, during a workout toxins and products of fat breakdown get released into blood, and it can threaten the fetus. Secondly, if you work out intensively, a sharp oxygen shortage can happen, which, respectively, may result in dizziness and fainting. Alternate leg and upper body exercises.

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5. Try to eat healthy and get various food, then you will not overeat or have snacks at night (because that is what "fetus" wants), there will be no "too much sweet" or "too much salt". An average weight gain rate during pregnancy is 11-15 kg. After giving birth you will surely get your normal weight back. And if you have gained more than what is considered normal, get down to training and recovering your shape only after parturition, when it is allowed again.

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6. Control your pulse during the workout: it has to stay below the rate of 146-150 beats/min. It is the highest rate allowed. An optimal one for exercising during pregnancy would be up to 140 beats/min.

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7. Work out only if you feel good.

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