Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Pregnancy Weight Gain Calculator

Weight Gain Calculator During Pregnancy

As soon as a woman learns about her pregnancy, she instinctively changes her lifestyle. A mom-to-be needs to avoid all negatively influencing factors on her health, and stick to a healthy lifestyle. An appropriate amount of physical exercises should be done, but balanced with enough rest and time spent outdoors. One of the key factors to this new lifestyle is a nutritious diet. The mother's diet should not only keep her and the baby healthy, but also prevent her from gaining extra weight.

Another reason to worry about gaining extra weight is that it can be quite tricky to get rid of after the delivery. This extra weight can lead to various complications during the pregnancy and after the birth. Additionally, the delivery itself can be difficult for both the mom and the baby.

You can use pregnancy weight calculator to keep your weight gain under control. This is an easy way for a future mom to compare her weight at each particular stage with existing standards. She can track any sudden weight changes, and correct her weight with changing her diet or exercising more.

The pregnancy weight calculator shows the average weight a woman is “allowed” to gain in a week-by-week range. Those weekly weight gain estimates are based on a woman’s pre-pregnancy weight and height.

When using any tips and recommendations on weight management, remember that any pregnancy weight calculator is based on average figures. So before rushing to dramatically change her diet either way, the future mom should consult her doctor.

Pregnancy Weight Gain Tracker How to Calculate Week by Week

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