Pregnancy Side Effect

Pregnancy Side Effect


10 Commons Side Effects During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a wonderful time, but some of its side effects can be unpleasant, make you feel awkward or simply be very irritating! First of all, we mean swelling, especially on the face, skin irritation, bleeding gums, constipation and bloating, increased vaginal discharge and other "surprises".

1. Vaginal discharge – have you noticed to have more discharge?! If you don't feel an unpleasant smell (it can smell milk at maximum), it doesn’t cause you itching, and redness of the genitalia, this is perfectly normal! Such changes in the vaginal secretions are caused by the increased blood flow in the vagina, as well as by higher estrogen levels.

2. Bloating during pregnancy Flatulence belching and bloating – don't be surprised at belching, or feeling uncomfortable because of the "revolution" in your stomach! Why this happens? As you probably know, pregnant women have increased progesterone levels – this hormone is known for relaxing smooth muscles in the body, and your digestive tract is no exception!

Such a relaxation of muscles slows down digestive a process that leads to increased flatulence, belching, bloating, and creates “noise” in your gut, especially after eating.

3. Bleeding gums during pregnancy Bleeding gums – a common complaint during pregnancy is that tender and swollen gums are bleeding heavily when cleaning teeth with a brush or a floss. This unpleasant side effect of pregnancy is caused by increased blood supply to the oral cavity and all the same progesterone, which makes your gums more vulnerable to bacteria from the dental plaque. Bleeding gums are called gingivitis in pregnancy. About half of pregnant women suffer from it.

4. Constipation is another common problem for most pregnant women. The progesterone hormone is again to blame; it makes your intestines "lazy", slowing the food movement in the intestines. In late pregnancy constipations are often caused by the pressure that the growing uterus poses on the rectum.

5. Hemorrhoids are varicose veins, swelling of blood vessels (veins) in the rectal area. Hemorrhoids can cause a lot of inconvenience, such as itching, painful sensation while sitting, pain and bleeding from the rectum (often during bowel movements, while straining), or as well can be completely painless. Some women develop the hemorrhoids in the pregnancy for the first time in their life, while others may have a flare up of an existing problem.

Side Effects In Pregnancy

6. Salivation during pregnancy Excessive salivation, some women feel that they have increased salivation (compared to that before pregnancy), especially if the woman is suffering from toxemia.

7. Skin itching during pregnancy Skin itching-it is not surprising if you have skin itching, especially around the growing belly and breasts, since your skin is stretching to accommodate the growing uterus and breasts. Other side effects of pregnancy include food allergies, skin dryness, dermatitis and eczema. Note that severe skin itching may be the sign of complications of pregnancy such as intrahepatic cholestasis of pregnancy.

8. Nosebleeds- the pregnancy may contribute to enlargement of nasal blood vessels and the increased blood flow will put the pressure on them making the thinnest vessels collapse.

9. Fungal infections-every woman has certain amount of fungi (yeast) in her vagina. But if the fungi start growing rapidly, suppressing other microorganisms of the vaginal flora, it will become a problem!

The body of a pregnant woman produces more estrogens triggering yeast infections, that’s why practically every expectant mom has had a fungal infection at least once in the pregnancy.

10. Swelling in pregnancy Swelling of extremities -minor swelling in pregnant women are considered normal, while a sudden appearance of swelling or severe swelling may be the signs of dangerous complications of pregnancy such as preeclampsia!

As you can see, most of the side effects of pregnancy are not dangerous in the mild form, but be sure to consult your gynecologist at the appearance of severe symptoms!

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