Pregnancy Induced Hypertension

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension


PIH and Pregnancy

Disturbances in the female health with the pregnancy induced hypertension may vary from the moderate cases to critical conditions.

The hypertension occurred during pregnancy may be classified for the following:

  • hypertension followed by proteinuria or edema;
  • mild form of preeclampsia;
  • severe form of preeclampsia;
  • eclampsia.

Some women with the known case of eclampsia are reported to have normal arterial blood pressure. So, note that women with known cases of seizures should be treated as if they have eclampsia until otherwise is diagnosed.

Things to Remember Pregnant

  1. Mild preeclampsia is often asymptomatic.
  2. Intensified proteinuria is the sign that the mild preeclampsia turns to a more severe form.
  3. Feet and low extremities edema should not be classified as the accurate sign of preeclampsia.
  4. Hypertension itself may be considered as the only sign of pregnancy induced hypertension.
  5. The mild (light form) preeclampsia might progress to turn to a more severe form. The risk of complication occurrence, including condition of eclampsia, strongly increases with severe preeclampsia.
  6. Convulsions in patients with signs of preeclampsia evidence on eclampsia.

Such convulsions:

  • may occur irrespective of the hypertension severity;
  • it is difficult to clearly predict occurrence of seizures;
  • they often occur with no headache, hyperreflexia, or vision changes;
  • may occur in 25 % cases upon delivery;
  • are reported to be tonic-clonic; they are more like strong seizures in epilepsy;
  • may relapse one by another consequently as the same as during epilepsy which may result in fatality;
  • may be missed if a woman is left alone not supervised;
  • may be followed by the comatose condition that lasts several minutes or several hours all depending on frequency of attacks.

Women with preeclampsia, eclampsia or high arterial blood pressure should not be treated with ergometrine since this substance increases the risk of seizures and provokes disorder of cerebral circulation.

Pregnancy Induced Hypertension: Gestational Hypertension, Preeclampsia, Eclampsia.

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