Pregnancy Calculator


Pregnancy Calculator


If your period delay is minor and you have no health complaints there is no rush to visit the doctor. However, what if your intuition tells you that the miracle has happened, and you are a parent-to-be? Any woman in the situation like that wants to know when is it due. Our service will help you within minutes to calculate the exact due date.

To Calculate The Delivery Date Online

Any baby due date calculator is based on the average length of pregnancy, which is 40 weeks (with a 1-2 week deviation in some cases). The starting point is the first day of the last period. The average pregnancy lasts 280 days (or 40 weeks) from that point.

Using our online calculator, you can easily find out the estimated baby due date. All your need is to insert the required details in the calculator and it will do the rest. The calculation method is simple: 280 calendar days are added to the first day of the last menstrual period.

The result is the estimated date based on the ideal medical conditions. The exact date can differ slightly. It depends on many factors, including a woman’s individual characteristics, her health, and her pregnancy.

How To Calculate The Due Date By The Menstrual Period

Find the date of your last menstruation in the blue line of the calendar. The date below (in red or yellow color) is the due date.

How To Calculate The Date By The Conception Date

Some women aren’t sure about the conception date, which means the doctor can’t identify the so-called gestational age of pregnancy. However if the conception date is known, the estimated baby due date will be more accurate because every fetus needs the same length of time to fully develop. In this case, a woman needs to again add 280 days, but this time to the conception date.

Some discrepancy is still allowed when calculating the due date by the conception date. It can be the case if the pregnancy didn’t occur the same day a woman had an intercourse. Research shows that sperm can live up to several days inside a woman before it finally meets the egg. The error ranges between 1 to 3 days (but not more). So this calculation method also gives an estimated date only.

You can calculate the baby due date by the date of ovulation. This method can be used only if a woman charts her menstruation period and ovulation dates. If an average ovulation date is known (it should be a middle of an average 28-day cycle), then a rough due date can be calculated. You need to add 280 days to the estimated ovulation date.

Of course, the more data you have the more accurate date you will receive. So the best way is to apply all the calculating methods listed above. Anyway, a few extra days of expectation are not the problem for a mom, because her main focus should be on the delivering a healthy baby and all that comes next.

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