Pregnancy And Rhinitis

Pregnancy And Rhinitis


Rhinitis of Pregnancy

Rhinitis in case of pregnancy may be rather troublesome for future mothers. Doctors call it a nasal asthma because it happens because of the changes in the vessels of an organism. Hormonal balance changes, the vessels become not so transparent.

There is one more reason – gestational toxicosis that causes the swelling of the mucous membranes. The symptoms are very much like in the case of snuffle – stuffy nose, transparent and not abundant nasal discharges, sneezing. However, despite all these your overall state is normal.

Unfortunately, this type of rhinitis can’t be cured, the condition of a future mother can only be made better. This rhinitis will go away on itself, after the labor. You do not need any drugs. Usually, it goes away a week after labor.

How Do You Distinguish Rhinitis From a Cold?

It is very important not to mix rhinitis with a cold. If apart from snuffle, stuffy nose, sneezing and blear-eyedness, you start having temperature, itching in your throat, dry cough or loose cough, you need to urgently go to your doctor. He or she will say what exactly it is and prescribe treatment that is allowed for pregnant women. Keep in mind that the health condition of a mother influences her baby.

The Influence on the Health of Mother and Her Baby

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As a rule, rhinitis during pregnancy doesn’t have a negative influence on a mother or the course of pregnancy. However, if because of a mucous membrane swelling maxillary sinus get inflamed and there is antritis occurs, you need to go to a ENT specialist in order to get a necessary treatment.


As it has already been said there is no way to cure this kind of snuffle since it’s cause by pregnancy. However, it’s quite possible to get rid of some symptoms if they bother a future mother.

  1. You’d better sleep in a half – sitting position, the angle should be 40 °C.
  2. You may use homeopathic drops – Euphorbium Compositum.
  3. Rinsing your nose is also a good way to get rid of a stuffy nose. You may either buy drugs made on the basis of salt decoctions (Aquamaris, Aqualor, Marimer etc.) or do them yourself. You need to prepare a 9 % salt decoction.
  4. You may try injecting a corticosteroid drug into the nose. This drug is made on the basis of fluctisone propinate. This is the most appropriate variant since pregnant or breastfeeding women are strictly forbidden to use usual vasoconstrictoral drugs. The reason for it is exactly their vasoconstrictoral function. Besides, a person may easily get addicted to them and a medical rhinitis may occur. The most dangerous thing about them is that they cause a fetoplacental insufficiency – a disorder in the formation and functioning of the placenta.
  5. On a doctor’s recommendation, you may use Wobenzym – this is a drug with the help of which normal transparency of vessels recovers.

The most important thing is that you shouldn’t prescribe any drugs to yourself on your own, without consulting your doctor! Let your pregnancy go smoothly and your baby be healthy.

Stuffed Nose in Pregnancy – 10 Tips for Rhinitis in Pregnancy

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