Pregnancy And Exercises

Pregnancy And Exercises


Exercises During Pregnancy

For a long time pregnancy was supposed to be a pathological state. so there was a need to be very careful during this period. Women of rich families spent all nine months staying in bed because of their scare of miscarriage. But at the beginning of the last century this view has been revised. Now they generally consider that it is better to lead active lifestyle if it doesn't have essential contraindications. Therefore each gynecologist recommends exercises for pregnant women, but just only safe and effective.

If a pregnant woman has a job, then she should learn exercises which doesn’t require much time and effort. And best of all if the training could be carried out at workplace, but at the same time it would be better to perform exercises imperceptibly. It is necessary to take the time for this, because the exercises for pregnant women in home conditions would help to cope with changes arising in woman's organism during this period. If a girl played a lot of sports before conception, then she shouldn't stop physical activity at all. It is sufficient to only reduce duration and intensity of loadings.

As a result of hormonal changes, theligaments and joints of a pregnant woman body become weak and mobile. Actually, it is necessary for lessening the birth-pangs (because basin joints are softened). But all connective tissue structures have become stretched, too. Most of all the backbone suffers of pains for this reason. Problems with the upper and lower limbs would also be noted. A woman needs to do exercises for pregnant women to strengthen muscles and joints. Those exercises will help to improve blood circulation and to make muscles more elastic.

Basic Rules

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Inasmuch as there come large changes in a woman’s body during child-bearing, exercises for pregnant women have several features too.

Therefore it is necessary to know some certain rules while starting them:

  • it is necessary to visit the gynecologist to disclosethe absence of contraindications to trainings (pregnancy termination threat, risk of bleeding, a uterus hyper tone).
  • the best way is to engage a trainer who can tell what exercise is possible to do and what it is undesirable. If there is no such opportunity then it is worth finding out video lessons in the Internet.
  • there has to be a warm-up before each training. It helps to warm muscles and to improve blood supply.
  • it is not allowed to overheat during pregnancy therefore intensity of trainings has to be moderated (especially for sportswomen who have got used to be engaged much in active sports).
  • it is necessary to control heart rate. The rate of more than 120 or 130 beats per minute is undesirable. Woman’s heart experiences serious strain continuously, therefore it’s no need to get any additional pressures.
  • the general duration of exercises shouldn't exceed 20 minutes. Trainingscarried out within such period of time won't make a pregnant woman feel tired, and will bring just only positive emotions.

It would be better than all to begin gentle exercises for pregnant women during the firsttrimester right after receiving a positive confirmatory test. It will help to cope with toxicosis symptoms. The organism adapts to changes quicker, and there will be less moments which further complicate pregnancy in the future (leg oedema, constipation, heartburn and asthenia do not appear so often with daily trainings).

А Few Important Exercises that are Useful for Pregnant Women (the Main Complex)

The ideal option of physical activity for a woman during pregnancy period is the combination of several methods to keep her alive and well. It is the best of all if there is an opportunity to enter a swimming pool, to cycle on a stationary bike, to do daily exercises and to walk as much as possible. Each of these methods exerts positive influence on cardiovascular and nervous systems.

It is unnecessary to bulk upthe muscles of the prelum abdominal as it used to do. But there are other methods which allow to keep stomach muscles toned up and to prevent their restretching during the first half of pregnancy period such exercises could be done lying on the back.

So, the next trainings have the best effect for pregnant women:

  • Lying on the back, bend your neck and try to touch your breast by your chin. These movements need to be done five times in succession.
  • Lying on the right side, bend the knees keepingyour straight arms in front of you. Then on the exhaleput up your left hand arcing half around and after that put this hand behind your back to the floor. At inhaling slowly return the hand back. It has to be done not less than five repetitions, too.

It’s well indeed if exercises for lessening the birth-pangs include twisting movements. That is very useful for a backbone, oblique muscles and ligaments of pelvis. Also it helps to strengthen blood circulation in internal organs. Do it in a sitting position with crossed legs. The back and a neck should be kept straight, and the hands stretched down. Such turns to the right and to the left provide a gentle twisting of vertebras, that is, the object of exercise being pursued.

As relaxation is an important stage of each training, such exercise is recommended to pregnant women. Sit down on a floor so that buttocks have been located on heels. Then it is necessary to lean forward and to lay down on the floor. At the same time your forehead has to touch the floor. The knees should be moved apart more widely so that your belly doesn't disturb you. This method will help you to relax after training.

The bigger your tummy is, the more exercises (at least, some of them) should be excluded from the main complex of trainings. It is better to make it with the trainer who understands the basic aspects of efficiency and safety. During the 3rd trimester period exercises for pregnant women should to be carried out twice a day as it is better to divide the physical loadinto several approaches.

Exercises on a Ball for Pregnant Women

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Most of all pregnant women like to exercise by means of a Swiss Ball (or fitball), that is a kind of a special big elastic ball. It allows to do exercises more interesting for pregnant women. With the Swiss Ball it is possible to exercise also at home. But surely it would be better if someone should be around at training to give any help if need be.

If there is no experience of using the ball yet then it is necessary to start such practices gradually. It is worth getting a support under the ball for its greater stability. The first exercises are performed sitting on the ball. Meanwhile, you should be shaken gradually, moving your pelvis back and forth, and to the right-left. After that it is possible to begin the rotating movements, but at the same time it is easy to lose balance.

By means of a fitball (Swiss Ball) it is possible to perform exercises for strengthening of groin muscles. Sitting on the ball, you should try to reduce and relax groin muscles for five seconds. It will help you to improve a tone of muscles of vagina, that might greatly assist in labor soon.

Exercises on a Ball

Exercises pictured in the last two figures would help you to keep your veins in perfect condition as the tension of muscles and ligaments doesn't allow them to get extended. And that would help you to improve a blood flow.

Exercises in the Water

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Visiting a swimming pool seldom brings someone unpleasant impressions. Generally being in the watergives much pleasure as it calms and produces the tonic effect at the same time. Exercises in the pool for pregnant women are possible during any term. But the level of physical load depends on health of a woman. Therefore it is better to get hydrotherapeutic procedures in special groups for pregnant women. And the trainer must monitor exercises and would be able to give help if need be.

Usually trainings include several exercises besides swimming. They are needed in order that muscles could be warmed and the blood flow could increase. The exercises like these are called water aerobics. Exercises for pregnant women on the water can be very simple (some bending, sit-ups, or elevations of the legs). If you don't want to carry out such loud, then it is possible just to lie on the water or to swim for a while.

If the exercises in gymnastics for pregnant women would be performed properly, then they have never failed to future mother and her child. Doing exercises under supervision of the trainer would undoubtedly be the most ideally variant, but very likely, for whatever reason, this is not always possible or feasible. Just remember, that physical activity is important to pregnant women not less than total nutrition or a deep sleep. Therefore you shouldn't ignore such opportunity to strengthen you health and to make the pregnancy proceeding more favorable.

Pregnancy Exercises – Back and Butt

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