Pregnancy After Periods

Pregnancy After Periods


Can I Get Pregnant Right After Menstruation?

One of the features of the female body is the possibility of so-called "calendar contraception", which is based on the period of physiological infertility, when the egg fertilization is impossible. This method is use by a sufficient number of young girls, however, they still have many questions, such as during how many days after the menstruation you cannot get pregnant?

When is There a Possibility of Conception After Menstruation?

In some cases, there is a real opportunity of pregnancy after menstruation. Many women, not knowing the peculiarities of their bodies or taking them lightly, are getting pregnant during this period of time.

This is possible under the following circumstances:

  • Irregular menstruations. It is peculiar to young girls who have menstrual bleeding started recently. In such cases, the cycle and the time of ovulation may remain floating within a couple of years. It is, therefore, impossible to calculate the days of maturation of ovum. Perhaps that's why there are so many underage mothers who were mistakenly counting upon the calendar method of protection;
  • Short menstrual cycle. If it is only 21 a day or less, the egg matures very quickly and is ready for connection with sperm immediately after menses;
  • Long menstruation period. When the process of replacing the old layer of endometrium takes up to 7-8 days, it is likely that by the end of this period a new egg will be mature. The question on which day after menstruation you can get pregnant in this case has a short answer – on the first day;
  • Maturation of more than one egg at the same time. It occurs predominantly in young, healthy women, although the reasons of this phenomenon are not known exactly. However, it is determined the factor of heredity plays an important role;
  • Bleeding, mistakenly taken for menstruation. It happens in case of inflammatory diseases of the internal female organs or too intense sex. A woman may incorrectly calculate the date of ovulation and take her "fertile window" for the safe, in the sense of ability to get pregnant, day;
  • Spontaneous ovulation. This unexplained phenomenon means egg maturation in any day of the cycle. In this case the conception can occur after menstruation. The probability of getting pregnant in this case depends on the date of unprotected intercourse.

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