Pregnancy After D&C

Pregnancy After D&C


Pregnancy After Dilation and Curettage

The woman is capable to become pregnant at once after a biopsy of the lining of the uterus by scraping, so-called dilation and curettage (D&C). But such surgical intervention can cause various complications. The pregnancy is quite impossible before the elimination of the threats. That is entirely out of the question. It'll be a while before plenitude of woman's health is recovered enough.

After D&C everything has to be carefully planned, because the surgical operation can negatively influence the course of future pregnancy. There are cases when the woman doesn't manage to conceive a baby after this gynecological procedure. The explanation seems to lie in the injuries of uterus needing drug therapy, and occasionally even surgical intervention.

No matter how hard it could be for the young couple dreaming of a child, it is necessary to follow these rules after D&C:

  • to undergo the recommended examination;
  • to follow the appointed treatment;
  • to wait necessary time (from three months to one year).

Whether the Reason of D&C Matters?

It is important for pregnancy planning wherefore D&C is performed and how difficult a situation has been. Most often this operation is necessary in case of pregnancy termination, whether it be abortion or miscarriage. It can also be required after the delivery for placental expulsion.

There may be cases when the woman has a new growth in the uterus (for example, a polyp) needing surgical intervention. Some mistakenly believe that removal of polyps is a harmless operation which can't cause complications at follow-up pregnancy.

Regardless to D&C causes, the uterus is injured anyway. It is obvious, that the time which would elapse before the doctor will allow the woman to become pregnant, is depend on extent and nature of injuries. Only the complete checkup and timely treatment can help to bring closer such long-expected event as pregnancy.

Pregnancy After Abortion

Pregnancy After Dilation And Curettage Procedure

Statistically, 8 % of women are exposed to D&C due to abortion. In case if the operation has been performed as a result of miscarriage, the additional screening for the purpose of identification of causes of the miscarriage, among which there may be:

  • hormonal dysfunction;
  • various infections;
  • fatal pathology of fetus.

Before next pregnancy it is necessary to establish the reason of abortion and to eliminate it. The doctor will send you for various examinations, and will refer you for professional geneticist counseling. According to the test results, a treatment will be prescribed which may considerably reduce risk of new pregnancy termination. Hasty decisions in dealing with pregnancy after D&C are not admissible at all, because they may lead to new adverse effects, up to infertility.

What Needs to Attach Particular Importance Before Next Pregnancy

If D&C has been made as a result of miscarriage, then it is necessary to identify the causes and to eliminate them before next pregnancy. But even if the surgical operation has been performed owing to other reason, the thorough preparation to pregnancy is necessary all the same. Cleaning of contents of the uterus by scraping is a threatening experience for the whole female organism therefore a great deal of time can be required for recovering.

Among the most widespread consequences of the scraping which are negatively affecting pregnancy there are the main aspects:

  • hormonal dysfunction, which, in turn, are fraught with problems of thyroid gland, changes to periods, genital function disorder, adrenal glands and a mammary gland diseases;
  • endometritis and uterine inflammations which may lead to miscarriage.

The Course of Pregnancy After D&C

The scraping can in itself cause complications during pregnancy. The operated women who never have given birth before, get into risk group first of all.

Cleaning of the uterus can entail, for example, traumatization of uterus neck and weakening of its holding force that can provoke miscarriage. Even in the case if all analyses are in norm, and necessary treatment has been previously performed, and there has passed enough time, it is difficult to avoid problems.

When there has occurred pregnancy after D&C, it is necessary to be careful and to attentively observe the general state of the organism. During the whole period of pregnancy it is needed to visit the doctor regularly and to follow medical advice. The responsible treatment will provide safe child-bearing and delivery and soon the long-awaited child will come to your house.

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