Pregnancy At 45 Years

Pregnancy At 45 Years


Pregnancy at 45 Years Old, Risks and Advantages

In addition to the boundless joy of the birth of the baby, high responsibility for his health and development, pregnancy can also pose a risk to the health of a woman. The risk increases if a woman decides to give birth after 45 years. However, the growth rate of modern medicine (obstetrics and gynecology) allows to minimize the danger to the baby and the mother, resulting in an increase in the number of people wishing to give birth at that age.

The number of women who decide to late pregnancy constitutes 0.03 per cent of the total number of lying-in women of all ages. Also pregnancy occurs with fewer complications if it is a repeated one.

Difficulties in Pregnancy After 45

When it comes to childbirth after 45 years, doctors usually recommend to ponder well this issue, since pregnancy and childbirth in most cases occur with some complications of different nature. Planning for the birth of a child must be very careful and be accompanied by a maximum level of diagnostics.

Having decided to get pregnant, a woman must be prepared to such difficulties as:

  • At 45, it is quite difficult to get pregnant, because with three decades of age the constant reduction of the eggs begins in the female body, but those which stay tend to have chromosomal abnormalities. This pathology increases the risk of fetal development, mental or physical defects, also there is a risk of miscarriage. Therefore, the woman at the planning stage and pregnancy must necessarily visit geneticist and conduct all recommended screenings and tests.
  • Possibility of getting pregnant using your own eggs is significantly reduced to just a few per cent. This often leads to secondary infertility-when the woman already has children, but she fails getting pregnant again. It is the age factor which is the key reason for this.
  • At the age of 45 years the female body is the most prone to disease of the supporting system, blood vessels, heart, as well as hypertension. All these phenomena can cause all sorts of complications during pregnancy or harm the child and the mother.
  • Pregnancy after 45 years in multiple times increases the possibility of developing diabetes, Down syndrome (roughly at each thirtieth child) at a child.
  • A woman should bear in mind that having a child at later ages obliges her to be physically active in the next 10-15 years. Even the girls at the age of 20 find it hard not to sleep in the first months of life of a baby, and then edging teeth, whims, transitional periods (1 year, 3-4 years …) etc. One needs to be psychologically prepared for this. Or have a material basis for the nanny, which could a little "unload" you.
  • Approximately in 50 % cases of pregnancies miscarriages happen even before the 20th week. This does not mean that this will happen to you. You always need to get psyched up for optimal results!

Advantages of Late Childbirth

The ins of late deliveries would naturally not be physical factors, psychological and material ones.

  • A woman who dared to later childbirth, undoubtedly has serious life experience, her decision is usually conscious, and is adopted with weighing all the risks and understanding the full responsibility.
  • In repeated birth mom has sufficient experience in caring for the baby.
  • Marital status and material wealth is at a sustainable level.
  • Because of the higher consciousness the adult mom is caring for the child a little better than most young mothers.

The birth of a child is a true gift that nature gave to a woman. An attitude to pregnancy should be of the highest level of responsibility. Small miracle that is born with the endless efforts of his mother since birth necessarily feels only parental love and care. And the child absolutely does not care how old his parents are.

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