Postpartum Hemorrhoids

Postpartum Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids Postpartum

Such problem as hemorrhoids after the labor or during pregnancy, has always been and remains actual. It is confirmed by its extensive discussion at forums of future and already realized mothers. What is hemorrhoids? What to do with it before and after labor? What are its symptoms? And can hemorrhoids appear after C-section? Hemorrhoids is called the disease of venous system which is shown by knotty expansion of veins of the lower part of rectum. These expansions are haemorrhoidal exactly.

Reasons of the Disease

Development of hemorrhoids is connected with the reasons causing congestion and increasing of blood pressure in rectum vessels:

  • congenital features of a venous side;
  • insufficient physical activity;
  • systematic taking of some medicines, for example, hormonal contraceptives;
  • excessive body weight;
  • pregnancy;
  • tendency to constipations.

Hemorrhoids after the delivery often “arise” during pregnancy. It happens because of increasing of intra-abdominal pressure and stagnation of blood circulation in vessels of small pelvis. During labor pressure upon venous walls increases sharply that leads to formation of the haemorrhoidal tumor.

According to location tumors can be external and internal. The external form of the disease differs because these tumors are available to checkup. They look like small formations of circular section, in size they are from a pea to a cherry. Quite often external tumors form a gathering in the form of an aureole around an anus.

If the hemorrhoid is internal the tumors are located inside behind the anal sphincter. They can’t be seen, but they are often shown by haemorrhoidal bleedings. As a result bleeding anemia develops that is dangerous during pregnancy and after the delivery. There are also other symptoms of the decease when the tumors are inside.

The Symptoms of Hemorrhoids

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Post-natal hemorrhoids can be severe and chronic. At the same time childbirth can be physiological or by Cesarean section. The severe case develops suddenly, and chronic differs in long and softer course.

The first symptoms of hemorrhoids after the delivery – are an itch, feeling of heat and burning in anus, which become stronger during defecation. Intensive pain appears because of traumatizing of mucous membrane by dejection. But after defecation it is over.

In time tumors increase in sizes, and as a result the inflammation redden and become swollen. Pain in anus becomes constant, growing stronger on movements and in a sitting position. Severe hypostasis of tissues of a perineum leads to a spasm of a sphincter of a urinary bladder and a delay of an urination. Severe hemorrhoids can be complicated by a necrosis of tumor tissues, haemorrhoidal bleeding, formation of cracks or an inflammation of tissues around a rectum – periproctitis.

Chronical hemorrhoids after the delivery develop gradually, imperceptibly for the patient. Periodically after defecation there is burning and an itch in anus, there is a feeling of insufficient rectal expulsion. Pain in the area of rectum is changeable and short-term. Rectum bloody wastes appear and gradually increase after defecation.

During pregnancy symptoms of decease can miss and appear only in the postnatal period. It is connected with the fact that at the delivery time the head of the baby squeezes vascular formations of a small pelvis. It causes sharp venous derivation and increasing of pressure in rectum vessels.

After the delivery the increased internal haemorrhoidal tumors periodically drop out of a rectum. It occurs during defecation, and then they independently leave back. Later prolapsus of tumors can appear during heavy lifting. But they do not leave back independently, but only with the help of hands. In the neglected case of hemorrhoids the tumors don’t leave at all, the necrosis develops in them, or there is massive haemorrhoidal bleeding.

Diagnostics of Hemorrhoids

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If the tumor has got out outside, the diagnosis of a disease is simple and based on checkup of anus. External hemorrhoids after the delivery look typically – in the form of the formations of circular section reminding peas. For identification of internal haemorrhoidal tumors, definitions of their quantity and the sizes anus is examined by manual checkup. Besides, sigmoidoscopy is applied for finding the tumors (endoscopic test of a rectum) and an irrigoscopy (radiological test with contrast substance).

Treatment of a Disease After the Delivery

If the disease symptoms have appeared, you shouldn’t wait for its recovering by itself. It is necessary to begin treatment immediately, so that no to get complications. The inflammation of soft tissues and haemorrhoidal bleedings are dangerous during pregnancy and after the delivery. The treatment of a disease has to be complex, including not only medicines, but also dietary nutrition, physiotherapy exercises and, perhaps, some folk remedy.

Physical Activity

For the prevention of venous stagnation in vessels of a small pelvis it is necessary:

  • to dose physical activities and lifting of weight;
  • to walk daily in the fresh air, passing not less than 1,5-2 km in quiet speed;
  • to do special exercises from physiotherapy exercises regularly.

Medicated Treatment

Drug treatment of hemorrhoids after the delivery consists of prescription of laxative, venotoniks, the means improving blood microcirculation. Antihaemorrhoidal ointments and candles are used as local treatment.

Treatment by Folk Remedies

Traditional medicine offers for treating hemorrhoids means both for external, and for internal application.

Local usage:

  • medical enemas with broth from bilberry fruits, cold water and tannin;
  • sitting bathtubs with broth of seeds of a chestnut and inflorescences of a chamomile, broth of onions and alum.

The increased external tumor is recommended to be greased with the cocoa butter, Ichthyol candied with honey. And internal one is influenced candles from raw potatoes or the candied honey. It is recommended to drink broths and infusions of medicinal herbs during treatment, and also vegetables and fruit juices. By the way, you can find different national recipes on pages of our website.

Prevention of the Decease

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It is necessary just to know how to get rid of postnatal hemorrhoids, but it is not enough. Prevention of a disease is much more important. It is simple, and it is necessary to do it throughout the pregnancy, and then and after the delivery if you really want that the tumor hasn’t got out.

First of all prevention consists in an active way of life. Foot walks are obligatory and have to be daily. If you also do special exercises regularly, then you will strengthen muscles of a pelvic and improve blood circulation in it. It is necessary to avoid wearing of constringent clothes. And of course, you should keep a diet for normal work of intestines and the prevention of constipations.

And some more recommendations how to get rid of risk of hemorrhoids:

  1. Try not to make an effort strongly during defecation.
  2. Observe personal hygiene. Wash area of an anus with cool water and blot it with a napkin after each defecation, but don’t rub with a towel.
  3. Use an light laxative if you have a constipation.
  4. Exclude from a diet rye – bread, cabbage, beans that is the products causing excessive gas generation. Limit eating of hot spices and seasonings.
  5. Include the vegetables and fruit rich with pectin in daily nutrition, low-fat meat and fish, honey, bread and bakery products from coarse flour, bran, prunes and dried apricots.

Also you should remember that hemorrhoids after the delivery and during pregnancy – is not a rarity at all. But it can be avoided if you do the prevention.

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