Pilates In Pregnancy

Pilates In Pregnancy


Pilates and Pregnancy

Pilates – is a peculiar, specially worked out system of exercises, which is directed to development of muscular system, flexibility and normalization of breathing. It is a kind of relaxation, which helps the body to get necessary tonus. The exercises for working of muscles of pelvic bottom and belly lie in the basis of Pilates. And exactly these parts of body are especially important for a pregnant woman.

But, on the other hand, Pilates means very complicated exercises, which can be harmful in some cases. So, being pregnant, you should learn this question thoroughly before going in for Pilates.

Pilates During Pregnancy: Advantages

Those people, who support popularization of Pilates for pregnant women are absolutely right.

The advantages of this unusual gymnastics during pregnancy are obvious and indisputable:

  • muscles of a belly and a pelvic bottom are developed, so that they haven't weakened and were ready to birth activity;
  • exercises unload the area of pelvis and back;
  • work of the system of blood circulation improves, that reduces the risk of a varicose veins, hypostases (it is one of the ways: how to deal with hypostases during pregnancy) and constipations;
  • developing coordination and sense of equilibrium, which gets broken exactly during pregnancy, because of the shifting of the center of gravity;
  • helps to cope with a stress and psychoses;
  • reduces the risk of a tone of a uterus (read: what does it mean: the uterus is in a tone);
  • a sacrum straightens, exercises make more empty space for the baby, who will feel himself more freely and more comfortably in such position;
  • the active respiratory gymnastics helps the woman to breathe correctly during labor that is very important for success of birth activity in general;
  • in the last term Pilates helps the baby to accept the correct position in the belly.

If the pregnant woman during Pilates trainings is directed by the skilled trainer, and if she feels well and nothing puts difficulties in the activity, they will bring her only benefit. It is recommended to devote three days a week to this useful activity, to do all the exercises easily and freely, without troubling yourself and without straining. Despite of undoubted advantage, in certain cases such gymnastics has a number of contraindications.

Pilates During Pregnancy: Disadvantages

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As Pilates – is not just usual gymnastics, it is necessary to be extremely attentive and careful before you decide to go in for it. Anyway you will need consultations of the doctor observing your pregnancy, and the trainer.

Pilates isn’t recommended during pregnancy in the following cases:

  • chronic diseases of blood circulation and respiratory system;
  • too big weight during pregnancy or obesity;
  • problems with joints or backbone;
  • a passive way of life before pregnancy if the woman has not being engaged in Pilates before.

Only having studied all information on this matter and having consulted with experts, it is possible to go in for Pilates during pregnancy. If there are no contraindications and there is a support of the trainer, such activity will bring only benefit to the pregnant woman.

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