Passing Out During Pregnancy

Passing out during pregnancy


Passing Out in Pregnancy

Passing out during pregnancy is usually the result of low blood pressure. Low blood pressure can be caused by hunger, stuffiness, hot bath, emotional instability, overwork, ARD or exacerbation of chronic diseases. Pregnant women prone to a sharp drop in blood pressure, should try to avoid situations that could provoke a similar condition.

Causes of Passing Out During Pregnancy

Every tenth woman during pregnancy notes low blood pressure. Hypotension is mainly associated with hormonal changes. Woman's low blood pressure before pregnancy can be attributed to the risk factor. The increasing load on cardiovascular system and increase in blood volume during pregnancy can cause a pressure below critical level-90/60 mm Hg.

In the normal course of pregnancy low blood pressure in the 1st and 2nd trimester is considered physiological, closer to the childbirth, these indicators are returned to the figures, which were considered the norm for a woman before pregnancy.

Slightly low blood pressure, that woman does not feel and which she does not pay much attention to, can cause passing out during pregnancy, lead to fetal hypoxia, miscarriage or premature delivery. That is why a sharp drop in pressure during pregnancy requires immediate medical attention, especially if a woman before pregnancy suffered hypotension.

Treatment of Passing Out During Pregnancy

Is It Normal To Faint/pass Out During Pregnancy?

In mild cases treatment of passing out during pregnancy can be performed on outpatient basis. The goal of therapy will be not a pressure increase of up to accepted standards, but the improving of the quality of life of the pregnant woman. Refusal from harmful habits, healthy lifestyle help achieve good well-being.

A tea of medicinal plants, such as St. John's wort, juniper, wild strawberry, brier, mil-foil, chicory, birch, nettle, peppermint or currant helps to raise the vascular tone. You can try the finished dosage forms of herbal preparations. During pregnancy it is recommended to take 15-20 drops of humor of eleuterococcus, tincture of aralia, schizandra chinensis, ginseng. You can take 2 pills of pantocrine or eleutherococcus tree times a day. The course of treatment by herbal products is two weeks, after a two-week break, the course can be repeated.

With frequent passing out the treatment of pregnant women takes place in hospital: Physiotherapy is prescribed, using drugs that enhance vascular tone, treating in the pressure chamber.

Prevention of Passing Out During Pregnancy

Rational nutrition is a preventive measure with frequent passing out. The emphasis in the medical nutrition focuses on the high content of protein and a varied diet, you should eat in small portions. It is recommended to drink strong green tea in the mornings and throughout the day. It is also important to respect the sleep and rest regimen. For hypotensive patients the night sleep should last no less than ten hours, during the day a pregnant woman is recommended to rest for about two hours. Exercises in the pool, cool shower, foot and hand contrast baths are recommended to hypotensive patients.

A pregnant woman should also avoid situations that could provoke passing out.

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