Packing A Hospital Bag

Packing A Hospital Bag


Pregnant Packing Hospital Bag

We recommend you to start packing your hospital bag two weeks prior to the expected delivery date. It is a period, when the expectant mom is looking forward to see her baby. She enjoys buying baby clothes, and each item put in the hospital bag approaches the date when she will see her long-awaited baby for the first time.

Now it is time to select the maternity hospital, would it be a private clinic or public institution, which doctor will deliver your baby and what things you will take with you. Of course, it is necessary to take hygiene products, but how to avoid unnecessary things? Every expectant mother should make up a list of things she will take with her to the maternity hospital; below you can find a list of things to help you.

Necessary Documents

The first step is to pack your passport and delivery record with your data in compliance with the passport and blood group, all tests’ results and ultrasound scans. It is to note, that you should always have your passport and delivery record on you starting with the 7th month of pregnancy. Next, you need to take your insurance card.

A hospital appointment is necessary in case if the pregnant is hospitalized in advance due to some conditions, or if she has a post term delivery. If you signed a contract with a specific doctor, do not forget it, too. It is desirable to take your cell phone, but it is up to you.

Things that You Will Need During the Delivery

During labour, you will have to take off all clothes except for a nightgown, or a long loose T-shirt, a bathrobe and slippers. You will be allowed to wear socks, but it will be necessary to take off the jewelry: engagement ring, earrings, and chains. You can bring a bottle of still water with you.

Things that You Will Need After the Delivery

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Long comfortable T-shirt for breastfeeding, i.e. a T-shirt with clasps or with a loose neck, a bathrobe, slippers, several pairs of socks, bras and panties. By the way, nowadays you can buy special breastfeeding bras that are very convenient. You may need a breast pump. It is necessary to take maternity pads. You can find them in a pharmacy.

You will need to express milk, so take a special container for it. Don't forget your toothbrush, soap, three towels, comb, mirror, nail clippers. The delivery can cause tears, even if you don’t have them, it is necessary to empty your stomach in the following two days, and for this purpose you can take a laxative, for example, dufalac or normase.

Things For a Newborn Baby

The baby will need undershirts, socks, diapers, a cap and napkins. It is recommended to buy diapers of the 1st size, about ten pieces or the smallest pack, it’s very individual as you don’t know the baby’s weight, don’t buy too many diapers of this size. As a rule, moms buy undershirts and caps of the 1st size, too. Pack about 3-4 undershirts, 2 caps, 1-2 pairs of socks, and 5-6 cotton or flannel napkins.

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  • Samantha says:

    My husband and I decided to give birth in a private clinic; they’ll provide you with everything necessary. A little more expensive than in ordinary one, but you don’t need to think about such things

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