Oral Sex During Pregnancy

Oral Sex During Pregnancy


Is it Safe to Receive Oral Sex During Pregnancy?

If you want to, you can do it. Doctors say that it's as natural as before pregnancy. Only certain medical contraindications may require you avoid sex during pregnancy.

There are different opinions of specialists, scientists, medical workers about the effects of sex on the pregnancy, but they are unanimous about that it’s not worthy abstain from sex for the whole nine months of pregnancy. Can I have oral or anal sex during pregnancy?

Can I Have Oral Sex During Pregnancy?

Leave aside prudish views on sex and other foolish taboo. According to statistics, people with a normal attitude towards oral sex are more numerous than those who avoid it. In this article, we will only consider medical and religious restrictions concerning oral sex.

In What Cases Can’t You Have Oral Sex During Pregnancy?

  1. When one of the partners has sexually transmitted diseases. Almost all kinds of genital diseases caused by microbes and fungi are transmitted through genital secretion. So, if you have any doubts, be sure to renounce oral sex, or make your partner wear a condom to give him a fellatio. If you have cold sores, sore throat, scarlet fever, pharyngitis or other viral diseases. No matter what kind of microbe is transferred from your mouth to your partner’s genitals, it can cause severe diseases of the genitourinary system.
  2. In case of a cervix erosion. You should abstain from oral sex with female genital organs for 4-6 weeks after the completion of the cervical erosion treatment in your partner.
  3. If you are a man and you fail to brush your teeth well. The plaque is rich in yeast fungi, especially in places affected by the dental caries, which can cause thrush in ladies after a contact with their sexual organs.
  4. If you are orthodox, catholic or buddhist. Classic Christian confessions condemn oral sex, while Buddhism forbids all types of sex except for vaginal. Oral sex is banned by the law in Singapore and Indonesia. Oral sex during pregnancy isn’t prohibited, but you should be very cautious.

In What Cases Can I Have Oral Sex During Pregnancy?

Oral Sex During Pregnancy: What's OK, What's Not

  1. If it does not cause damage to one of the partners. A large number of conventions, superstitions, legends and brought-up features make people avoid oral sex as something taboo, filthy and shameful. If your partner abstain from oral sex for any reason, don’t force him, try to persuade him, make him discuss it with a doctor or a priest depending on the reason of his refusal. Remember, that oral sex might be unpleasant because of the taste, smell or other feelings that might cause disgust. This a good reason to seek a doctor’s advice.
  2. If you confess Islam. Against the popular opinion, Islam allows everything that can please the man except for anal sex and sex during menses. In other words, the spouses can satisfy each other orally, performing cunnilingus and fellatio. All this will help you to answer the question: "Oral Sex during pregnancy".

Rules of Safe Oral Sex During Pregnancy

Still, in some cases it is recommended to abstain from intimacy of any kind. There is a common myth that orgasm triggers premature birth. Actually, orgasm causes uterine contractions, but it cannot anticipate the date of the birth. On the contrary, the contractions of the uterus help the baby to get ready for the birth.

The doctors can temporarily prohibit having sex in the following cases:

  • in the first three months of pregnancy, if you had problems conceiving or have had miscarriages;
  • during the last months, if you have had an experience of premature birth;
  • if you have bleeding or abundant watery discharge;
  • if the cervix is dilated;
  • if the placenta is low lying
  • during the last months, if you have a multiple pregnancy.

The specialist don’t have a unanimous opinion concerning oral sex. Opponents of oral sex say it is not safe, because a woman can easily get infected. This is not far from reality as the mouth houses many bacteria and microorganisms that can cause infectious diseases.

Other experts believe that if the woman has no herpes on her genital lips and the partner has no cold sores on his face, oral sex is admissible. Thus, the question on oral sex is open. The experts are unanimous only about one thing: if the pregnancy is healthy, oral sex is quite possible.

Pregnancy is the period of sexual discoveries. Both parents need positive emotions during the period pregnancy. Experiment and have fun!

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