Maternity Leave For Men

Maternity Leave For Men


Maternity Leave for Man

Traditionally it is a mother who is on maternity leave at all times. But there are cases when a woman can make higher profit for the family needs. And there are ways to settle it.

Most people are not aware at all that men are eligible to have a maternity leave. It is not a common thing for Russia while in most European countries it is a common practice. As it is stipulated in the legislation of the Russian Federation, the maternity leave is offered to any relative, including a father, to babysit. In this view, an employer is not entitled to refuse to provide such a parental leave to its male employee.

Required Documents

The documents to submit to get a maternity leave are as follow:

  • certificate of birth of a child;
  • the employer’s statement on that the mother does not take a maternity leave and is not paid care allowance.

The joint parental leave is allowed, either. To this extent, both parent work part-time with the wage retained. Or rotation option, when the parent alternate to have a parental leave.

De facto, laws may be ignored when it comes to payments. Company management refuses to pay the full wage to its employees for part-time employment or provide a maternity leave to a male employee. And therefore, all such nuances should be negotiated with the employer at the time of interview or employment.

Advantages of Maternity Leave for Fathers

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That may sound odd but spouses come closes when they are together most of the time. A man realizes that the house work, especially care of the child, is the responsible and time-consuming activity. One should spend best efforts to care the child to ensure its healthy and proper development. It results in expression of respect and understanding of a woman.

Increase of responsibility in men. When a child that a man is responsible for is near all the time, this is challenging. All the forces, both physical and emotional, are put in the upbringing process and care to result in reliability and love in future.

Emotional union with the baby. It is too rare when the father in employment gives proper attention to his child. When on maternity leave, the father has the chance to be in close connection with his baby to create the bond between them.

Maternity Leave Disadvantages

In most cases, “baby-sitting” father loses his professional skills faster than a mother in same circumstances. A female can be engaged in lots of activities at once, like cleaning, cooking, freelancing, while a male is not that active.

And that’s obvious that a baby-sitting father will exert lots of attention by the neighbors and other observers who are not used to see a male walking with a baby carriage.

Personal life is at zero point. No gym, no football matches with friends, no parties at the closes time. Such changes in personal life are not always tolerated. So, fathers tend to return to work. Moreover, male is often associated with the earner. And most of them are bored with such functional displacements.

A man confident in what he is doing and who is ready to babysit will cope with all difficulties in this function. Such people will enjoy the chance to be next to the child and see how it grows and develops.

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