Marijuana And Pregnancy

Marijuana And Pregnancy

What Impact Does Marijuana Have on Pregnant and Babies?

Marijuana, cannabis, hash, hemp – all these are different names of one product. Let's consider how smoking this product can affect the organism during pregnancy. Due to psychological dependence, people, specifically the expecting women, often ask how marijuana can affect pregnancy. The answer seems obvious, but, nevertheless, pregnant women who convinced themselves that marijuana is harmless question this issue.

There are combustion products which form in the process of smoking hashish (marijuana), as well as cigarettes, which can be dangerous for both fetus and mother; one of them is carbon monoxide. It can cause fetal anoxaemia. Another element (hydrocyanic acid) affects the baby's nervous system and so on. His intrauterine growth slows down because of anoxaemia, which leads to an inadequate fetal development (its growth and weight), parturition itself becomes longer, and complications (toxidrome) occur more often.

An additional dose of the drug the baby can get in the future, with his mother's milk; the problem is that tetrahydrocannabinol and a range of other poisons produced during inhalation of hash smoke get into mammary gland concentrating in human breast milk.

Marijuana Use and Pregnancy

Doctors constantly study hash (marijuana) effect on pregnancy; however, the researches get complicated because of the patients' fears. Young mothers believe, generally because of moral issues, that it is better to remain silent about their "little weakness". However, it must be understood that you should necessarily inform your doctor about it; he may prescribe some additional tests.

These researches present more and more evidences that continuous smoking of marijuana (hash) during pregnancy leads to serious deviations in child's development, particularly during his nervous system and vision development.

Marijuana is forbidden and is not produced legally, so, you never know the ingredients of what you buy. It may have foreign substances or preparations, which can also affect the baby and pregnancy itself, leading to an even higher risk. It happens that babies with congenital diseases or pathologies are born even from healthy parents, who do not take any drugs. Do not play games with fate, instead of smoking marijuana start eating fruit, walking in fresh air, and doing morning exercises, and you will have a healthy child. Marijuana (hash) and pregnancy are incompatible.

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    Cigarettes do that to a person. I don’t understand where pot is included here

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