Losing Weight After Pregnancy

Losing Weight After Pregnancy


How Easy is it to Lose Weight After Pregnancy

After the labor, young mothers are dreaming of getting their size of clothes back the way it was before pregnancy. They want this to happen as soon as possible. However, this is not so simple as it may seem to be. While a mother is taking care of her baby, she has no time left for exercising, visiting a swimming pool or a gym. That’s why a majority of women doesn’t lose weight after labor. It’s vice versa. They go on gaining excessive weight during the first year after the baby is born.

For young mothers this is one of the most burning issues. Everyday, while they are on a children’s playground, they speak about this problem. It turns out that every mom has her own tricks how to lose weight. From the overall number of their recommendation we can point out 6 rather unique, quite easy and effective ways to lose weight. These ways are proved to be the most effective based on women’s attempts to get weight back to normal after labor.

A Baby’s Daily Regimen

Setting a wrong baby’s regimen is one of the most common mistakes of young mothers. While the baby is up, he or she us everything they can think about. As a result, they forget about themselves. As soon as the baby falls asleep, they rush to the refrigerator and try to eat as much as possible so as to satisfy hunger. Actually, acting like this is quite bad. By refusing having a lunch, we put our organism under a stress. Consequently, it starts to make reserves in the form of fat deposits.

By eating in an unhealthy way, we not only gain weight, but also suffer from a constant tiredness. It is much better and healthily to eat more often. It is possible to eat together with the baby from 4 to 5 times a day but take food in small portions. Even if your child is quite troublesome, it is always possible to find 10 minutes to have a bite. Most importantly, you should never eat the food that was left after the baby has finished eating. Even if a porridge is really tasty and you do not feel like throwing it away, you shouldn’t eat it.


Nutritionists say that women that breastfeed their babies by themselves manage to get their previous figure back faster. This is connected with the fact that breastfeeding contributes to making the uterus contract more often. Thus, it gets back to its previous way faster. However, many women gain weight while breastfeeding. This is connected with the fact that they eat lots of dairy products. Besides, they chose the products that contain lots of fats.

They think that this way their milk will become better. To tell the truth, it is not necessary to eat a double amount of foods and follow the principle “I am eating for the both of us”. However, the products should be twice as nutritious and contain a double amount of vitamins. This is because your baby doesn’t need excessive calories. He or she needs particular elements and vitamins.

Healthy Way of Eating

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Don’t even try getting on a diet right after the labor. Firstly, because it will be useless right now. Secondly, while you’re breastfeeding, you need to get all the necessary nutrients. It’s enough to pay attention to the way you eat. The food shouldn’t only be tasty, but also maximally healthy and various. It’s not a secret that labor is a great stress for your organism.

In such like crucial moments, your organism lacks three main elements – protein, calcium and iron. They should necessarily be included in the foods you eat everyday. The dairy products, fish and cheese have a great amount of calcium. As for the proteins, you need not only vegetable proteins (nuts, soy and beans), but also animal proteins (meat, fish, birds and cheese).

Besides, your organism loses a significant amount of iron when abundant after-labor bleedings occur. Actually, when an organism lacks iron, it is practically next to impossible to lose weight since iron contributes to the production of a particular ferment that influences on the process of fat burning. That’s why it’s so necessary to eat foods that have a lot of iron everyday (sea products, not fat meat, liver, eggs, beans, nuts and chiselly bread).


Many mothers turn out to be too lazy when it comes to walking in the street. Instead of it, they walk on a balcony. Actually, this is one of the most common reasons why a baby catches a cold. Think of walking in the street with a baby carriage as not something you should do, but something that gives you one more opportunity to make your figure better. Everyone knows that there is such kind of sport as walking. A man’s average speed is 4-5 km per hour. It is recommended to go for a walk with your baby 2 times per day.

Each walk should last for 2-3 hours. During one hour of intensive walking you can burn as much calories as you usually burn within 3 hours of exercising on fitness equipment. Now all you have to do is simply count and see how useful walking can be. Keep in mind, however, that there is a need to go rather fast. You should wear comfortable shoes and keep your back straight.

Exercising Together

The main reason for the excessive weight is an absence of a necessary physical load or, as the professionals call it, hypodynamia. Even if we eat the minimum amount of fats and eat lots of fruits and vegetables instead, without moving a person will get weight. The thing is that when our muscles work, fat is being spend on this process. If we just lie on a sofa, every sweet thing will, then, affect our figure. Of course, a little baby in no way contributes to such way of life. However, when you’re taking care of the baby and doing DIY, try using all groups of muscles.

Besides, carrying a baby the way a kangaroo does it is a good gymnastics for a mother. This exercise contributes to having a good posture, and getting the back and abdominal muscles be stronger. By regularly changing the location of the baby (in the front or behind), you will provide different groups of muscles with a load. Moreover, a baby is constantly gaining weight. Thus, the load you give to your muscles will increase not sharply but gradually. In one of the cases we know about, a mother managed to lose exactly the weight she gained by starting to carry her baby once she was 6 months old.

Being Psychologically Ready

You shouldn’t also forget about the psychological factor. In the period that follows after the labor a woman may experience depression, an instant change of mood, feeling sorry for herself or being whiny too often. In such like moments, it seems that only something sweet can make you feel better. Very many women use food when they face unsolvable psychological problems.

It seems to you that you will feel better. In reality, once you have eaten something, you regret having done so. It is impossible to conquer stress with chocolate. At least, you may try replacing chocolate by pears or apples. Then, you will see that not only your mood, but also your health becomes better.

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  • Emma says:

    I started to go to gym almost immediately after the birth . I lost about 5 kg in 2 months and got into shape.

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