Kidney Pain During Pregnancy

Kidney Pain During Pregnancy

Kidney Pain in Pregnancy

In the organism of a woman that is waiting for a baby, all her inner organs start functioning for the both of them. This load is rather obvious when it comes to kidneys that’s why the majority of future mothers fall into the special group of risk and they need a constant medical control.

Still, how is a woman to understand that these are exactly the kidneys that cause discomfort? The fact is that during the course of pregnancy there is constantly something that hurts, your baby becomes bigger and any touch to any part of the body causes painful sensations. You shouldn’t diagnose a disease on your own. Tell your doctor about the painful sensations and he will detect a disease.

There are symptoms that are considered to be the first alarming signs of kidney pain:

  • when you urinate, and sharp pain or unpleasant sensations occur;
  • you constantly feel as if you haven’t finished emptying your bowel and several minutes later you go to the toilet again;
  • there is a big amount of protein in your urine test;
  • swellings occur;
  • your arterial pressure increases;
  • unpleasant or a bit nagging pain in the small of the back, on one side or in the lower part of your belly;
  • body temperature is increased, you feel giddy and chills.

Once you tell your doctor about the character of the pains, he is quite likely to tell you make the necessary tests. This way he can find out what the real cause of you feeling unwell is. Every pregnancy as well as the organism of every human is unique. There is no similar diagnosis or a way to cure a disease. That’s why you shouldn’t follow the advices you find on the Internet or the ones that a druggist may give.

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Kidney Pain Early Pregnancy

Usually, pains in the kidneys start occurring on the 9th week of pregnancy. This, of course, on condition that there weren’t any illnesses in this area before. Still, you need to remember that pregnant women are forbidden to take the majority of drugs. That’s why you doctor may prescribe to you natural drugs that are unable to harm a mother or her baby. Their effect doesn’t become less because of it. It’s quite the opposite. They have a soft, diuretic, antimicrobial and spasmalitical effect.

You’ll also need to change your usual diet. You’ll need to exclude salt, spicy and sour foods, fat kinds of meat and fish, sweets in big amounts. These products are not only allergens for your future baby, they also irritate the walls of the urinary bladder. Without sticking to a special diet, you will get no effect even if you’ll be drinking herbal tea. If you drink a fruit drink made of cranberry or cowberry every day, this will have a positive effect on you.

You need to drink not less than 2 liters of liquids per day. Go to the toilet more often and empty your urinary bladder. Your clothes should be comfortable and you should move freely in them. It also shouldn’t press on your belly. Starting from the 10th week of pregnancy (in some cases, it may be later), when your belly starts to grow actively, you need to wear special clothes for pregnant women. You’d better exclude taking hot baths for the time of pregnancy. You’d better have warm showers.

Kidneys have an important function in every organism irrespective of whether a woman is pregnant or not. This is the period when you need to protect not only yourself, but also the baby that is growing inside you. On this stage, the most important thing is his or her health. That’s why you need to pay attention to what your organism tells you.

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    Hi am 2 months pregnancy….. Am getting right side pain in my kidney… whenever I get pain in right side of kidney I get my period…… so my pregnancy will stay or go am getting tension please help me

  • F says:

    I have same problemPain in my right kidney I’m two months pregnant

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