Kegel Exercises For Pregnant Women

Kegel Exercises For Pregnant Women


Kegel Exercises While Pregnant

Kegel exercises are the effective complex which is well influence women’s health. Women around the world noted and continue to note effectiveness of these exercises. The famous american doctor Arnold Kegel, specializing as an obstetrician-gynecologist, has developed the set of exercises capable to improve the health of men, women, or small children. Speaking about Kegel's exercises, developed for training of a woman preparing for childbirth, it is worth noting that they are intended to teach the woman to strain particular group of muscles during the labor activity. Competent approach to fixing of some muscles and relaxation of others will allow the fetus to move along maternal passages.

During the pregnancy period, the Kegel exercises are incredibly useful to women. Relaxation of pelvic floor muscles due to pregnancy will become more noticeable after the delivery. And if the woman didn't allocate a certain time to training, then childbirth and post-natal period would be not pleasant enough for her in point of intimate subjects. But you shouldn't worry and ought to remember that nervousness is especially harmful during pregnancy. There is a time to increase muscles tone, to train muscles to perfection for bearing thy child easily and to avoid problems in private life and with health after the delivery.

Kegel Exercises for Easy Childbirth

Before starting trainings, it is necessary to perceive the essence of these exercises. The main point is in serially weakening and straining of pelvic muscles. Initially, training consists in daily traction of intimate muscles. The detailed description of exercises is given below. And the main thing is to work the crotch muscles which are between the vagina and the anus, without activating muscles of tummy, hips and buttocks.

It is possible to check how efficient your crotch muscles in the course of urination. You need to try to interrupt urination for a short time, and if you could, it means that your muscles aren't so weakened as to tell that everything is bad. Woman needs to learn to feel her muscles, to weaken and strain them at discretion. The set of exercises is carried out at first lying and, in time, having modified the process of training to the sitting and standing mode.

Simple Exercises During Pregnancy

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The main position is lying as it is during the delivery. Thus, you have to lay down on your back keeping your legs bent in knees wide apart quietly, and putting your hands parallel to your body. It is convenient to carry out exercise if there would be a thin pillow under the head and the back. Having relaxed lying, it is necessary to strain muscles at the same point as in the case of urination interruption. These muscles have to work. After holding them over in such condition for 10 seconds, you may relax and take rest for a while, and then proceed with straining your muscles again. It is possible to begin with 8 exercises, increasing their quantity gradually to 30.


This exercise demands presence of some imagination. It is necessary to imagine that vagina is like an elevator which rises by several floors (from uterus entrance). The purpose of such exercise is to strain vagina sections step by step as if an elevator cabin would be forced the way up. On each imagined "floor" you have to stay a couple of seconds, and then, in the same way, proceed with the next vagina section straining. After that you have your way back, "pushing out the elevator cabin" into another stop, and then relaxation.


This exercise essence is in rhythmical contraction of intimate muscles, alternating to relaxation. Firstly strain the vagina muscles, then the anus muscles. After that relax muscles in the opposite way.

Pelvic Floor Throwing Out

The main position is sitting. It is necessary to relax your pelvic muscles, to hold the breath and to exert yourself easily as something like at a bowel movement, but sticking out vagina muscles. Having put your palm to your crotch, you can determine whether your muscles work or not. Then take a deep breath and contract muscles. Repeat this several times. This exercise is very useful at the time of delivery when it is necessary to help the baby to be born. It is recommended to carry out such exercise after bowel movement and bladder emptying.

Training of Achilles Tendons

Stand up still, slightly spread your legs on distance in two feet. Squat down on your hunker carefully, keeping the heels on the floor, with your back straight and your weight on your heels. It is convenient to carry out such exercise with the partner, for he would insure you against falling. For example, the man sits on a chair, and the woman, having turned back, squats down between his legs leaning on his knees. If the partner is absent, then it is possible to lean on a wall, having chosen a convenient support for the hands. The purpose of this exercise is to stretch tendons, to level the parturient canal and to train joints. If it isn't possible to sit down keeping the heels on the floor, than you have to be very patient and to train hard.

Kegel exercises for improvement of labor activity and strengthening of intimate muscles are carried out in various labor positions, such as sitting, lying, on all fours, or on hunker.

Constituents of Success of Kegel Exercises

As well as trainings in any sports, Kegel exercises will really work only in case of regularly trainings. Having provided a schedule for yourself, it is necessary to be able to manage your time correctly for not to miss any training. Then you'll feel the first results already for a month of daily exercises. Muscles will begin to work more accurately, exercises will be carried out easier. It is desirable to begin your trainings on early terms of pregnancy (and it is better even before it), carrying out 25 exercises daily.

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