Joint Pain During Pregnancy

Joint Pain During Pregnancy


Joint Pain in Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a great happiness for each and every woman. However, this happiness can also cause great difficulties. The thing is that it is exactly during this happy period when a possibility of catching various infectious and non-infectious diseases increases. Joint pain is included in the list of such like unpleasant problems.

The Reasons for Joint Pain

In order to understand why such a problem as joint pain occurs in case of pregnant women we need to contemplate anatomical organization of a joint. A joint is a connection of 2 bones that are constructed so that to allow movement. Bunches keep the connected bones on one place. Muscles that are fastened to the bones with the help of tendons allow them to move. Usually, a painful sensation in each of the enumerated areas is considered to be a joint pain.

In order to be able to get rid of pain we need to find the reason for it. In other words, a precise diagnosis should be made. Modern medicine has specified lots of pathological states that contribute to arthritis (inflammation of joints). That’s why there are, approximately, 100 types of the disease known. Any of them can occur during the period of pregnancy.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Joint Pain

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A common reason is a lack of calcium. In order to diagnose the disease a pregnant woman is said to make a biochemical blood analysis. This analysis allows to see if there is a lack of microelements in the organism. If it is detected, a woman is prescribed calcium drugs, vitamin D and also a special diet the aim of which is to correct a per day amount of calcium and vitamin D that are contained in foods a woman eats everyday.

Apart from dairy and cultured milk products, a future mother is recommended eating liver and egg yolk that have lots of vitamin D and also various sea products. Usually, they are fish (herring, salmon, cod and other). Physical load also influences the condition of the joints. Keep in mind that it increases on every other week of pregnancy. The fact is that a woman is constantly gaining weight during this period and it can’t help influencing the functions of locomotive system. That’s why doctors recommend women keeping an eye on weight so that it doesn’t increase too much. Women also shouldn’t spend too much time standing on foot.

If your joints continue to ache after labor, there may be various reasons for that. For example, it may be a change in hormonal balance that is common for pregnant women, an increased load on joints because of the increased weight which we spoke about earlier. However, there may be more serious reasons for joint pain. The process of labor is a serious trial for an organism. Based on the reason for joint pain a doctor prescribes a necessary treatment.

There are also reasons for joint pain that are not connected with pregnancy. For example, diseases of locomotive system that got worse because of a weakened immune system. Among such like diseases there are rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, polymyalgia rheumatica, ankylosing spondylitis, temporal arthritis and other diseases. However, you shouldn’t forget about the fact that a joint pain may occur on the background of depression that can easily be provoked by a feeling of worry a pregnant woman has. She is worried about the health of her future baby.

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