IVF And Pregnancy

IVF And Pregnancy


What is IVF

In most countries, IVF (in vitro fertilization) method has already been adopted as the main type of infertility treatment. Moreover, it is very effective in any form. Sometimes the IVF is the only option for families, where the man is sterile.

Description of the Process

A spermatozoon and the oocyte «meet» together in a test tube. Then they are transferred to the uterus of the patient. There is a chance of having a multiple pregnancy – two or three children. The reason is simple: during the IVF not only one oocyte is involved. If she wishes, a woman can make a reduction, but this method is not very desirable: it can lead to a miscarriage. In 30-35 % of procedures, women become pregnant.

When is it Necessary to Make IVF?

In vitro fertilization is used effectively when other methods are useless. For example, if a woman had an ectopic pregnancy (when the fallopian tubes are removed), or one or several inflammatory diseases. In a latter case, the fallopian tube is broken, so its restoration is impossible.

If there is not enough sperm, there are other possibilities to find it. Andrologists developed some artificial options for obtaining sperm, using a puncture or surgery. If a man is sterile, it is not necessary to get pregnant using in vitro fertilization – it would be more convenient to put the artificially extracted sperm into the uterus. This option is rather complicated, but using this method of IVF there are more chances to get pregnant.

How Often IVF is Used?

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This type of procedure is used quite rarely.

The main reasons for this are as follows:

  1. This treatment is expensive, because it is not included in CHI program, thus it is not available to all patients;
  2. The centers of IVF treatment are not sponsored by the state. Besides, they are located only in the metropolitan areas.

When a couple refers to the IVF treatment center, the first thing that they should do is to pass all the necessary tests.

Procedures that a woman must pass:

  • Perform an ultrasound, pass blood tests (for the hormone), AIDS test, hepatitis, syphilis. Men need to pass only one – semen analysis. In extreme cases, genetic analysis is needed. The average duration of the survey is two weeks. The next step is to decide what methods of infertility treatment a couple needs.

Hormonal Drugs

The foregoing action for getting pregnant using IVF is to assign special drugs for a woman, which will stimulate the growth and maturation of follicles. It is needed to make some margin of embryos. A woman must do injections of hormonal drugs on her own every day. Duration of treatment: two weeks.

Next, a woman is undergoing follicle puncture: a needle is put through the vagina (under ultrasound), and ready follicles are taken out of the ovary. This is how you can get several oocytes. This type of procedure is relatively safe: there are no injuries and complications.

Obtaining Sperm

When a man has no problems with health, it is not difficult to extract the required volume of sperm. In case of spermatogenesis disruption, a man needs to undergo a special treatment.

Sometimes it is not possible to get the sperm by natural means. In this case, the doctor makes a puncture. This type of manipulation is carried out under general anesthesia. There is also the possibility of fertilization by using one spermatozoon.

Implementation of IVF

The direct process of getting pregnant with IVF is carried out in the embryology laboratory. The sperm and oocyte are connected with the use of modern devices in a special fluid. A few days later, the embryo is ready for the next step.

Diagnostics Before Implantation

The use of pre-implantation diagnosis as a research method of the embryo, which is received because of the use of IVF, before its transfer into the uterus. Thanks to modern genetic technologies, it is possible to explore embryos consisting of only a few cells. Thanks to this method of diagnosis, the doctors can reveal rough vice of germ progress, as well as a list of possible hereditary chromosomal disorders. In addition, the use of this diagnosis involves determining the sex of a baby.

The Implementation of the Embryo Into the Uterus

The implementation of the embryo into the uterus is the easiest kind of procedure in the entire treatment. Thanks to a special elastic catheter, several fertilized eggs can be transferred into the uterus. When using this method, an analgesic is not required. After the procedure, a woman may continue to work. A special regime is not required. However, you can still get a medical certificate. Physical and psychological stress is prohibited.

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