Irregular Period And Pregnancy

Irregular Period And Pregnancy


How to Get Pregnant With an Irregular Period

The menstrual cycle of the woman is a fulfillment of natural program underlying for reproduction. Once a month, there is a maturing of the ovum expecting fertilization. If it doesn't happen, then the ovum dies and leaves uterus cavity.

The basis of future placenta grows together with the ovum, and after death of the ovum it is going to die off and to detach. The pieces of tissue of mucous membrane of the uterus mixed with a small amount of blood and mucus enter into the formulation of the discharge appearing during periods.

The first day of the menstrual discharge is considered also as the first day of the menstrual cycle. The female organism functions according to this cycle therefore its regularity is an important indicator of health of our fair ladies.

The normal interval from the first day of one menstrual cycle to the following can make about 28-34 days. If the menstrual cycle begins in 15-18 days after previous menstruation, or if it is late for several weeks, then it is about irregular period.

Physiological Causes of Menstrual Cycle Disorder

The irregular cycle can have the natural reasons. However, abnormal variations in length of menstrual cycles are temporary.

There may be following natural causes of menstrual cycle disorder:

  • Puberty period. From the days of first menstruation to determination of regularity and length of menstrual cycles there may pass about a year.
  • Pregnancy. As it is well-known, when the woman's periods stop, that it is the first sign of conception.
  • Breast feeding. The entire period of lactation can be followed by amenorrhea (lack of periods) or menstrual cycle dysfunction.
  • Climax. Delays of menstruation which will gradually lead to complete disappearance of periods can be observed during fading of activity of reproductive system.

External Causes of Menstrual Cycle Disorder

Delay or too fast approach of monthly may be caused by the external reasons:

  • Stress – is the main factor provoking the most different failures of the organism functioning. It is well known that stress causes menstrual cycle dysfunction most often.
  • Too heavy physical exercises are capable to accelerate or detain monthly periods, and also to cause lingering amenorrhea.
  • Depression causes menstrual cycle dysfunction, too.
  • Taking the hormonal contraceptives may also lead to monthly regularity disorder.

For elimination of the disturbances caused by the listed reasons it is enough to follow the correct daily routine and to adhere to healthy lifestyle.

Irregular Cycle and Its Influence on Pregnancy

Irregular Periods Before Pregnancy

The most important point in the menstrual cycle is the ovulation. Only at the time of ovulation conception is possible therefore any failure of menstrual cycle complicates pregnancy occurrence.

As the statistics claims, irregular cycle is the cause of infertility in women in 30-40 % of all cases. However it doesn't mean that it is impossible to become pregnant at irregular frequency of menstruation

Approximately in 5 % of women the irregular cycle is norm which doesn't hinder fertility in any way. You can learn whether such individual cycle is norm for you, but it is possible only after medical inspection.

As a rule, the irregular cycle is observed against ovaries functioning pathological background. In this connection the ovulation doesn't come and the woman can't become pregnant. But the organism is could really be helped to return to the mode of normal functioning in such a case by means of the simplest means.

Irregular Period Treatment

As the menstrual cycle depends on functioning practically of all systems of the female organism, it is possible to adjust it by the all-strengthening therapy which includes:

  • Correct work-rest regime.
  • Proper diet.
  • Taking polyvitaminic drugs. For example, it is definitely known in medicine that taking a cycle of vitamins C, E and folic acid for three months in certain days of periods stimulates the ovulation noticeably.
  • Broth of a sage-brush can also help to normalize menstrual cycle. Traditional medicine advises to prepare it according to such prescription: a pinch of dry grass of sage-brush is filled in by 300 ml of fiercely boiling water, place the mixture in a thermos for 4 hours and then filter it. It is necessary to drink the broth three times a day taking one tablespoon approximately. In half an hour after acceptance of the broth it is necessary to eat.

Women shouldn't worry if their irregular period is a norm and if their analyses don't reveal any problems in functioning of the main systems of the organism. Moreover, there are many cases when such women become mothers of not only one, but two or three and more children. It is necessary just only to always maintain personal health to provide health of the future child and to wait patiently, believing in invariable future success.

How to Get Pregnant Quickly With Irregular Periods

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