What is Infertility in Women

The most important thing to understand is that if the clinical diagnosis resulted in infertility, it isn’t the final sentence yet and it doesn't mean that a couple would never be able to give birth to the child at all. It is already proved that infertility is successfully treated in many cases.

Causes of Infertility

In fact, by statistics data, 40 % of infertility possible causes are specifically related to reproductive problems of male health. In next 40 % cases women can’t be able to conceive a baby. And the remaining 20 % are the cases when female and male sterility can partially overlap.

Various infectious and inflammatory diseases, such as loss of sexual potency, testicles varicosity, urethritis, psychosexual disorders, vas deferens impassability, prostatitis, hormonal dysfunction are the most common causes of male sterility.

It has to be considered that various inflammatory and infectious diseases of the bodies of the small pelvis, endometriosis, uterine tubes impassability, various hormonal dysfunction, anatomic defect of the uterus, and some other similar disorders are most frequent reasons of female infertility.

What Can You Do

Symptomatic therapy or any treatment of infertility has to be carried out by competent medical professionals, such as urologists and gynecologists. It is impossible to self-medicate! There is no need to resort to the alternative medicine! If you try to conceive a baby more than a year you should see the doctor, because any further delay could lead to any irreparable consequences and could be dangerous to your health.

What Can Your Doctor Do

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As a starting point, the leading cause of infertility has to be determined.

Medical examination of each man can include:

  • palpation and survey of male genitals;
  • ultrasonic research of testicles and prostate;
  • manual investigation of prostate.

Today, the spermogram is the most informative method from all researches on determination of male sterility today. Preparing for the analysis, surely try to minimize alcohol intake and smoking because quality of sperm can sharply decrease at such abuses. Also, it is necessary to refrain from sexually contacts during 3-5 days.

Medical Examination

Methods of medical examination of a woman can include:

  • gynecologic survey;
  • vaginas mucous smear tests;
  • investigation of the hormonal status;
  • ultrasonic research of bodies of the small pelvis;
  • control of passability of uterine tubes (hysterosalpingography);
  • analysis of a menstrual calendar;
  • endoscopic research of the uterus (hysteroscopy);
  • endometrium biopsy and endometrium smear for histologic research.

Treatment of Infertility

It is dependent on the reason which has caused infertility. A plan of therapy must be carefully documented.

Treatment of infertility may be of two kinds:

  • surgical;
  • medicamentous.

It happens that only one course of anti-infectious therapy would be enough, but sometimes more time-consuming hormonal correction can be required.

Female Infertility Causes

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