Hyperemesis Gravidarum In Pregnancy

Hyperemesis Gravidarum In Pregnancy


Hyperemesis Gravidarum: Signs, Symptoms and Treatment

Many women in the first months of pregnancy suffer a condition called early toxemia. Some of it is expressed in a very mild form, in the form of mild nausea in the morning. Other toxemia runs harder. In this article you will learn all about serious complications of pregnancy, called uncontrollable vomiting pregnant (hereinafter for brevity, HG).

In itself this complication, too. With mild HG it is difficult to draw boundaries and understand that it is time to seek help, and without medical help mild form can turn into hard, and can suffer and the woman herself and her unborn child. So here are the criteria that will help orient you, and if so-in time to seek help.

When You Suspect that You Have Uncontrollable Vomiting Pregnant (HG)?

In the presence of the following signs (not necessarily the existence of all):

  • Very early (4-6 weeks of pregnancy).
  • Multiple episodes of vomiting within 24 hours (more than 10), vomiting does not depend on the presence of food in the stomach.
  • Increased salivation.
  • Weight loss of more than 5 % by weight prior to the manifestation of symptoms.
  • Increased sensitivity not only to smells and tastes as you normally would to morning sickness, but also a reaction to the movement, light, sounds.
  • Impossibility of normal operation, up to the impossibility of basic care.

The existence of several of these symptoms (especially vomiting more than 10 times a day and weight loss of more than 5 %) enough to see a doctor.

The doctor prescribes laboratory tests that identify signs of dehydration and starvation, such as:

  • presence of ketone bodies in the urine (what is called "acetone in the urine");
  • metabolic and electrolyte imbalance;
  • increased urine specific gravity;
  • raising the level of uric acid in the blood;
  • increase in liver enzymes;
  • abnormal thyroid hormone levels.

HG usually lasts more than one trimester (up to 21 weeks and more, often through pregnancy). HG usually recurs in all subsequent pregnancies, however, the severity of symptoms can vary. The severity of the condition determine the weight loss (5 % is the smallest, sometimes comes to losing 20 % weight).

In addition, it should be understood that there are many other diseases that cause nausea and vomiting, except HG. For example, if a similar condition is later than 4-6 weeks, you can suspect a dysfunction of the liver or gallbladder.


HG (Hyperemesis Gravidarum) In Pregnancy

In this case, treatment is necessary and is it usually protivorvotnoj therapy. Method of treatment determine, by comparing the risks of complications from the use of the therapy with the risks and suffering from the condition. When easy stages begin with intravenous fluids, glucose, vitamins. If necessary, gavage.

When more severe-drug therapy. It can be antihistamines that cause drowsiness and sometimes help to reduce the number of episodes of vomiting. In more serious cases already existing drugs are applied directly on the Emetic Centre of the brain. An example of such a drug is Ondansetron (Zofran, ondansetron).

The dosage of this drug depends on the woman’s state. It can substantially reduce vomiting, thus alleviate hunger, but it does not relieve nausea and other symptoms such as weakness, dizziness, reactions to light and movement.

Physical Assistance

Usually a woman needs bed rest. Someone should care about her, cook and bring her food. Of course, you should free her of the housework and childcare.

Psychological Support

Often happens so that relatives and friends tend to cause serious psychological trauma to such women, rather than provide help.

For example, a woman may feel guilty because of her inability to work, to care for other children. The same feeling may arise due to malnutrition and hunger (we all have heard that a pregnant woman should eat properly, and she is unable to do so, risking her baby’s health).

Relatives keep on reminding her about it, offering to eat one or other healthy product. Sometimes a woman is reproached with her condition. She is given advice suitable only for a mild morning sickness and when she fails to follow it, she is told that she is not trying hard enough or simply is doing wrong.

Sometimes her state is not taken for serious, she’s told that it is only in her head. It is especially hard for the mom-to-be suffering from HG to listen to trendy ideas that “you have that toxemia, because deep inside you are not accepting this child”.

What Should Be Done

  • Create maximum comfortable conditions. Think about every detail -temperature, smells, lighting, noise, comfy bed, possibility to eat in bed.
  • Let her know that you perceive her condition seriously.
  • Remind her that it will end after a while. Do not say that it will end soon – after all, every hour of this existence is a torture. I want to remind you that HG is often an indication for abortion, and if your woman has not done it, she deserves all your respect.
  • If you have older kids, help her keep in touch with them without compromising her physical comfort – encourage children to communicate with her quietly without making sudden movements or jumping on her. Explain them that their mom loves them, despite the fact that it is temporarily unable to care about them.
  • If her condition allows it -provide her with entertainment, bring books, movies, take her for a short walk outside.
  • Try to find food and drink that she is able to consume.
  • Try to minimize irritants, i.e. triggers provoking her vomiting.

What a Woman Herself Can Do in this Situation?

  • Consult your doctor. Make sure that he takes you seriously. Unfortunately, still there are doctors that don’t understand the seriousness of HG. If your doctor doesn’t take it seriously – look for another one.
  • Avoid vomiting triggers.
  • Ask your family and friends to help you around the house and with the children.
  • Take your needs seriously.
  • Remember that you are not to blame.
  • Live "here and now", trying to find the optimal conditions for your today’s existence. Avoid thoughts about for how long it will last. The main thing is to remember that it will end.
  • It is advisable to remember that no one will understand how you feel. No one with the exception of other women who have lived it for four or even nine months. You have to take it. You need to overcome it. And you can do it.

At least nowadays, the antiemetic therapy allows to carry the pregnancy till the end and avoid serious impact of HG on the health. The exact cause of such a complication of pregnancy as HG still remains unknown.

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