How To Prevent Pregnancy?

How To Prevent Pregnancy

How Can You Prevent a Future Unwanted Pregnancy?

Even if sex was safe (and condom was used), there may be a probability that the condom was low-quality and fertilization had happened. If it happened, then the woman has to be syringed, that is to wash out the vagina, using a micro enema. It is the best of all to use for this purpose lemon juice or even some Coca-Cola. Syringing has to be used at most five minutes later after sexual intercourse. It would be better if you have near at hand special spermicide preparations, they are much more effective, than any self-help means.

Besides, it is necessary to take special preparations that must ensure contraception within two days after sexual intercourse. This method is very effective because the ovum is usually fertilized somewhere in five days after sexual intercourse.

However you ought to remember that the emergency contraception, In spite of its efficiency, can help only at most 72 hours after sexual intercourse. Consumption of any preparation should be coordinated with the gynecologist, because not all of them exert an equally influence on a woman's organism.

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