How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy

How Much Water Should You Drink During Pregnancy


How Many Water Bottles Should a Pregnant Woman Drink

The question of liquid consumption by pregnant women has always been a subject of discussions. For many years for prevention and treatment of hypostases during pregnancy it was recommended to limit of liquid to one liter a day. But today these recommendations are criticized more often for their inefficiency and even danger to the woman and her health. Limitation of liquid leads to dehydration, so, it is necessary to drink as much liquid as it is necessary for metabolism.

The Role of Water in the Woman’s Organism

All processes of a pregnant woman take place in aqueous medium. During pregnancy amount of water in woman’s body increases, than it has been before pregnancy. It is caused by increasing of volume of the blood circulating in vessels, water reserving in tissue and strengthening of metabolism. Besides, a pregnant woman needs enough liquid to fill up the baby’s supplies – his blood, the body and amniotic liquid consist of water base too.

Daily 1,5 liters of water brings out with urine, that means that the woman has to fill up these losses at least for a normal metabolism. Besides, pregnant women sweat more intensive and lose to 0,5 liters of water with breath and sweat. Therefore the need for liquid of a pregnant woman is 2 liters a day.

How Much Water Should Be Drunk in the First Half of Pregnancy

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In the first half of pregnancy normal activity of mother and the baby requires from 2 to 2,5 liters of liquid, on the basis of development of pregnancy and features of growth of a fetus. However not only water and drinks are related to liquid – water from soups and sauces, liquid from fruit and vegetables, dishes is also included.

At the same time it is necessary to remember that in the first weeks of pregnancy there can be a toxicosis, accompanied with nausea and vomiting, which is aggravated during dehydration. Therefore it is necessary to fill up losses of liquid with drinks and food. If the woman has a severe dehydration, sometimes it is necessary even to resort to intravenous injections of liquid not to do much harm to health of the baby and mother.

How Much Water Should Be Drunk in the Second Half of Pregnancy

When pregnancy has passed through the middle and the belly has begun to grow actively, blood volume in vessels increases by a third. To keep such volume of blood more liquid requires.

Increasing of amount of the blood circulating in vessels is necessary as during this period the baby also begins to remove metabolism products, and organs of future mother work with stronger loading. As a result of activation of metabolism appears strengthening of blood supply to tissues and due to influence of hormones wetting ability of tissues is formed, and it is greater than normal, they become saturated with water for more intensive metabolism and for removal of products of metabolism.

Even the healthy pregnant woman in last month can have swelling, and it is caused by physiological features of organism. At the time of delivery there is a blood loss and in order to fill it, the organism needs to reserve water.

Abnormality of hormonal balance and development of pathological hypostases can appear if a woman has pathology of pregnancy. Such state is considered as late toxicosis of pregnant women or scientifically it is called gestosis. At the same time kidneys begin to filter albumen in urine, pressure increases; there are hypostasis, that leads to sudden violation of health of the woman and threat for her health and even life. The high pressure and problems with kidneys can provoke fitting. Then therapy is required, including – correction of the water diet.

How Should Pregnant Women Drink Correctly

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Approximately from the second half of pregnancy it is necessary to reduce a little the amount of the liquid. Eat more vegetables and fruit, drink dairy products – they remove thirst. And if you reduce eating of salty products, you will want to drink much less; thereby you will regulate inflow of liquid into tour organism.

These recommendations concern the whole term of pregnancy, and gradually you will get used to limit the use of liquid, having replaced it with products. Anyway, before limiting or expanding the water diet, it is necessary to consult to your doctor, to estimate increases of weight and your health.

When we are thirsty we usually drink greedy, making gulps and we drink surplus of liquid. It stays in tissues, especially if the weather is warm. The most correct way to drink water is doing it with small drinks, rinsing a mouth and moistening lips. Then the center in brains, which is responsible for thirst, will quickly react and won’t allow you to drink superfluous. Besides, fast drink usually causes increasing of thirst.

It is also useful to drink liquid during meals: active mixing of food with water promotes the best digestion and gives a signal to the center of thirst of the sufficient amount of liquid. Very often we want to drink because food is too dry. The temperature of drinks is also important: it is necessary to drink only liquid of indoor temperature in winter, and in summer – cool (about ten degrees), but, by no means, do not drink sizzling cold water with parts of ice. If the pregnancy without complications in a warm season the amount of liquid increases in a couple of glasses as women sweat more intensive.

Except water, it is useful to drink kefir, drinking yogurts without sugar, the juice diluted with water or herbal teas. Broths of wild rose and berry fruit drinks are useful for a pregnant woman. And sodas, including mineral water, exclude from a diet- it provokes heartburn and thirst.

How Much Water to Drink During Pregnancy?

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