How Many Ultrasounds During Pregnancy?

How Many Ultrasounds During Pregnancy

How Many Times do You get a Ultrasound During Pregnancy?

There are three planned ultrasonic researches allocated during pregnancy. Everyone of them has certain terms and the purposes.

The schedule of ultrasonic prenatal testing during pregnancy is as follows:

  1. The first ultrasonography during pregnancy. It is carried out in terms of 10-14 weeks. That is a planned inspection, so its performing is needed for the doctor to obtain important information of an embryo and organs (maternal and child’s) which support child's life and development.
  2. When do you have to go for ultrasonography during pregnancy for the second time? According to a ultrasonography schedule approved by the public health organizations around the world, the recommended term for the second ultrasonography during pregnancy is 18-22 weeks. This very examination would be assisted in coming to a foregone conclusion whether there are any embryo malformations which could be dangerous for further extra uterine full life, whether there is a pathology caused by parent or temporary organs.
  3. The third mandatory ultrasonic prenatal testing during pregnancy period is carried out at 30-34 weeks.

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