Hip Pain During Pregnancy

Hip Pain During Pregnancy


Hip Pain in Pregnancy

Pain in the joints is not uncommon during pregnancy due to the various changes that occur during this period. The biggest loads occur on the hip as it is a pillar with any movement. Hip pain during pregnancy most often occurs when the load on it becomes very big.

Pain in the Hip Can Be Manifested in Different Ways

  • Mechanical pain – occurs with loads on the hip and goes away after a long rest.
  • Starting pain appears at the beginning of physical activity, for example, in the morning on rising from bed, the pain subsides after a short activity.
  • Aching pain occurs at night and has a dull character, in the afternoon when walking disappears.

Causes of Pain in the Hip

  1. Hormonal changes. The reason for this pain is that hormone action relaxes muscles and ligaments of the whole organism of the pregnant woman, including hip. This allows the baby to pass through the birth canal with minimal trauma. This pain is aching, and sometimes can be annoying. Pregnant women often complain of aching pain in the hip. Such a pain is gone just after birth.
  2. The load on the hip due to the growth of the uterus. Intensive growth of the child gives a huge load on this joint. Such load is increasing in abounding and multiple pregnancy. Tension of ligaments and muscles gives sometimes strong, but tolerable pain.
  3. Strong pressure on the legs. Climbing the stairs or long walks can trigger pain in the hip.
  4. Aggravation of old injuries or chronic diseases. Pregnant women should be prepared for pain due to old injuries of bones. Acquired chronic bone disease is often exacerbated during pregnancy and should be averted by prevention.
  5. Lack of calcium. Micronutrient deficiency can be one of the contributing factors that can cause hip pain.
  6. Reflected pain. The disease occurs elsewhere, such as in the spine, and pain sensation occurs in the hip.

All pathological causes can be determined only by a professionally qualified personnel who can accurately identify and treat a pregnant woman together with the gynecologist. Diagnosis is often difficult because the pain in the hip occurs at the knee joint and it is the knee which is started to be healed.

Prevention of Pain in the Hip

  1. Do not lift the weights during pregnancy.
  2. Physical activity is needed during pregnancy, so the exercises with an instructor or simple physical jerks will reduce the risk of pain.
  3. Watch your posture.
  4. Wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  5. In time take vitamins prescribed by the doctor.
  6. The bandage will reduce the load on the hips.

Your doctor may recommend the necessary measures to reduce discomfort. Pains in the hip are of a physiological nature and disappear after birth and only require preventive measures.

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