High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy

High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy: Reasons

Approximately by sixth month of pregnancy blood volume in female organism increases by 1,5 liters at the expense of what also pressure in blood vessels increases. This blood is necessary in order that through umbilical cord to provide the child enough nutrients and oxygen. The hormone progesterone provides stretching of walls of blood vessels that usually leads to decrease and normalization of arterial pressure in the middle of pregnancy. It is necessary to prick up the ears when pressure at pregnancy regularly rises above norm.

Is There a Danger?

Slight increase of arterial pressure during pregnancy meets at every 10th woman. It is not always hazardously to health and, as a rule, will quickly respond to the treatment. Usually increase of pressure happens after the 20th week of pregnancy and in six weeks after the delivery returns to normal indicators. Such phenomenon has received the name "hypertension of pregnant women".

Risk of Preeclampsia

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If pressure passes mark 140/90 of mm of mercury, in urine the protein appears, at the woman hypostases of hands and feet are observed, it is necessary to address to the doctor urgently. As on such symptoms the eclampsia (the serious illness arising during pregnancy, childbirth and in puerperal period, form of late toxicosis of pregnancy) can be diagnosed. Dizziness, headache, sight deterioration, fast increase in weight and ring in ears can be other symptoms.

Group of Risk on Preeclampsia

  •  Women who before pregnancy suffered from high blood pressure or illness of kidneys;
  • Women younger 18 and older than 40 years;
  • Primapara women;
  • Women with polycarpous pregnancy;
  • Women with diabetes;
  • Women with risk of increase of arterial pressure in the anamnesis (heredity, predisposition etc.);
  • Women with obesity.

How to Prevent Increase of Arterial Pressure During Pregnancy

  • Regularly measure the pressure during pregnancy. Insist on that at each planned medical examination at you doctors measure pressure and carry out the analysis of urine.
  • Avoid stresses and have more a rest. During rest raise your feet higher.
  • Keep yourself to a healthy balanced diet (rich with protein, fruit and vegetables).
  • Watch the amount of the liquid you drink.

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