Hibiscus Tea During Pregnancy

Hibiscus Tea During Pregnancy


Hibiscus Tea for Pregnancy

Hibiscus tea is the national drink of the Egyptians, which is made of hibiscus flowers. It is also called "the drink of the pharaohs", "royal tea" or "red tea". People, consuming hibiscus tea, are curious about its effect on blood pressure.

There is an opinion that cold hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure, while hot red tea can increase it. However, there is no evidence to support this statement. Nevertheless, it is known that American scientists have pursued a study proving that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure.

The researchers conducted an experiment, in which 65 people aged from 30 to 70 years old took part. All the participants of the experiment suffered from high blood pressure. The participants were divided into two groups. One group of the participants was taking hibiscus tea during 1.5 months.

Another group was taking drugs for lowing blood pressure. The results of the experiment showed that the blood pressure in people from the first group significantly reduced at 15 %, and the blood pressure in patients of the second group decreased only at 1 %.

Can I Drink Hibiscus Tea During Pregnancy

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Hibiscus is famous for many medical properties. One of the benefits of hibiscus tea is that it can allay thirst. It is a wonderful drink on hot summer days. Hibiscus flowers contain citric acid, vitamins, acids and antioxidants. Hibiscus tea may produce diuretic, anthelmintic, antispasmodic and antipyretic effect. Flavonoids, contained in hibiscus tea, can clean the body from the salts of heavy metals and toxins. Hibiscus tea can be a perfect remedy for those, who suffer from headaches and nausea.

Such symptoms may signify food poisoning as well. Hibiscus tea regulates the function of gastrointestinal tract and other organs and produces antibacterial effect on organism. Hibiscus tea can reinforce the immune system. It is recommended to use hibiscus tea in treating infectious and catarrhal diseases. This drink is beneficial for people with cardiovascular diseases, asthma, arthritis and osteoarthritis.

Thus, we can conclude, that hibiscus tea can help in coping with a number of diseases. It can also be useful for pregnant women with high blood pressure. However, be careful in consuming the tea often! Extra amount of hibiscus tea during pregnancy can cause hypotension.

How to Brew Hibiscus Tea Properly

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  1. If you want to make your tea the most delicious, take whole dry leaves of hibiscus instead of tea powder.
  2. Use 1/5 teaspoons of hibiscus leaves for 1 cup of water. You can vary the amount of tea leaves to taste.
  3. It is recommended to brew the tea in ceramic (porcelain or earthenware) or glass teapots.
  4. You can use a mug for brewing your tea without a strainer.

Avoid using metal utensils for brewing the tea, as metal may spoil the taste and the color of the drink. Use enamel utensils for preparing hibiscus on water bath. The taste of tea depends on its strength. Hibiscus tea can be consumed hot or chilled, with or without sugar.

Egyptian receipt of hibiscus tea:

Pour 3 teaspoons of dry hibiscus leaves with 1 cup of cold water. Soak it for at least 2 hours (or for a night). After that, put the drink on low heat and bring to a boil. Let it boil for 4 minutes and then strain. Add sugar to taste.

Hibiscus tea is not only delicious, but very healthy! It is proven, that hibiscus tea can lower blood pressure. It is safe to use hibiscus tea during pregnancy. However, consult your doctor before using hibiscus tea during pregnancy, if you have hypertension or hypotension.

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