Hepatitis In Pregnancy

Hepatitis In Pregnancy


Hepatitis During Pregnancy

Throughout the pregnancy, every expectant mother makes hepatitis B and C tests. Otherwise, she will not be allowed in a hospital and will be sent to give birth to the infectious diseases ward. If you take a close look at the symptoms and possible consequences of a viral hepatitis, you will understand why obstetrician-gynecologists pay so much attention to this disease.

The Dangers for the Pregnant

Even if the baby is not infected by the hepatitis, the mother’s body is still very weak. That is why it is very important to undergo intensive treatment during the pregnancy before the birth. If the woman does not receive appropriate treatment, she is exposed to different complications and consequences associated with hepatitis.

At the same time, the hepatitis put an increased load on the liver that at this period works hard to provide metabolic functions between the mother and the baby. Liver failures affect blood circulation and consequently the baby’s supply in nutrients that could harm his development. Despite the possibility to infect the baby with hepatitis during the birth process, it is allowed to hold them naturally.

Diagnosis of the Disease

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Throughout the pregnancy, the women have to make three tests. The hepatitis B tests detect the viral proteins – antigens, while the hepatitis C tests – antibodies produced in response to infection.

If doctors doubt the reliability of the results, additional PCR tests (polymerase chain reaction) can be performed. If the tests confirm the diagnosis, the expectant mother will give birth in the infection department of the hospital.

Prevention and Treatment of Hepatitis in Pregnancy

It is practically impossible to eliminate the infection during the flare-up of the disease, the body should start producing immunity against it, and you can help it preventing dehydration and controlling the functions of other organs. Treatment is almost always carried out in a hospital. Only your doctor can prescribe medications, because many antiviral drugs can harm the unborn baby. Only a specialist can take responsibility to decide on a drug, defining the degree of risk.

Hepatitis B, C and Other Infections During Pregnancy

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