Hard Belly During Pregnancy

Hard Belly During Pregnancy


Why in Case of Pregnancy the Stomach Becomes Firm

Each woman dreams of her own child, dreams to become mother, and worries whether she can do that, whether she will be able to become pregnant and bear the child. After the time when pregnancy begins, inner fears of future mother can suddenly grow. Each expectant mother critically analyses her internal feelings, especially when she feels that her stomach hardens, or there are pains in a stomach area. It is quite difficult to distinguish independently whether these feelings are dangerous or it is possible to enjoy further pregnancy without inner doubts.

Therefore the most correct will be to address to the gynecologist who supervises your pregnancy. Only the doctor will be able to estimate correctly your condition and to allay all fears by performing diagnostics. The doctor can also prescribe the correct treatment when necessary.

Uterus Hypersthenia During Pregnancy

It is necessary to know that hard stomach, which is periodically observed during pregnancy, might indicate uterus hypersthenia, and it is pregnancy pathology as is well-known to many women. The fixed hyper tone of uterus can provoke various pathologies of fetus, and also increases risk of prematurity. But this diagnosis is not yet a sentence and is also not the reason for panic.

The expectant mother is excessively emotional on her own, and excess stress or negative emotions are the last things she wants. Therefore it is necessary to calm down, pull yourself up and trust to your doctor. The modern medicine and competently selected drugs will help you to cope with this diagnosis with success and to bear your child on time without difficulties. Usually uterus hypersthenia is faced by future mothers during the second and the third trimester of pregnancy.

Main Symptoms

  • the hardened stomach and accompanying feelings of spreading of bottom stomach area;
  • periodic back pains and painful sensations in the area of coccyx;
  • pains in the center of a stomach;
  • pains of various etymology arising around uterus.

Sometimes these symptoms demonstrate just habitual tiredness and all that is necessary in this case is to spend more time in horizontal position and to have a rest. But if pains have periodic character and don't pass after long rest, then it is already an alarming call for the pregnant woman that it is necessary to visit the doctor.

At hypersthenia uterus begins to contract often much earlier the necessary term and it may lead to miscarriage. Pregnant women who have such diagnosis in the medical record need more attentive supervision by the gynecologist.


Hard Belly During Pregnancy 1

Early contractions of uterus and its hyper tone lead to disturbance of blood circulation, and also to precocious aging of placenta and as a result, can provoke oxygen starvation in fetus – hypoxia. Women can have different causes of hypersthenia.

The main of them are:

  • various stresses which accompany the woman in much of everyday life, including pregnancy period;
  • inflammatory processes and infections of urinogenital system;
  • hormonal failures, bad immunity, endocrine disorders;
  • polyhydramnios during pregnancy;
  • depression;
  • underdeveloped uterus.

Excessive physical activities can also provoke hypersthenia of uterus. Therefore if you want to give birth to the healthy child in time, you must avoid excessive physical activities, such as power trainings with lifting of weights, running, fast bicycling, and so on. Moderately active sports are perfectly suitable for pregnant women. Ii might be, for example, swimming or yoga for pregnant women.

Remember that physical activity provokes uterus contractions and brings it into superfluous tonus. Don’t ever tire yourself out by getting overstrained. If during training you feel discomfort, it is worth stopping. The most correct in this situation will be to consult with the doctor. He will make the decision on what type of physical activity you are allowed to carry out. And in the case of pathologies, sports activities may be forbidden for the pregnant woman at all. Timely visiting an antenatal clinic will help you to bear and give birth to the healthy child.

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