Green Tea During Pregnancy

Green Tea During Pregnancy


Green Tea in Pregnancy

Waiting for a baby becomes a turning point in the life of a woman. She gradually begins to reconsider all her usual way of life. She evaluates her nutrition in a completely different way now. She starts taking care of her health since now she is also responsible for her baby. The baby’s being developed completely and on time, he or she being completely safe and successfully born – all these things depend on mother.

A pregnant woman pays special attention to what she should eat and what is better to be excluded from the diet since it’s unnecessary or even harmful for her baby. Gradually a question about the use or harm of green tea arises. This question will arise anyway because green tea has become a usual drink for us. Women know a lot about how useful it is for the organism. Big amounts of microelements and antioxidants play here an important role. Also, women have become accustomed to the delicate taste and flavor of this invigorating tea.

Is it Allowed to Drink Green Tea During Pregnancy?

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It’s absolutely right to say that green tea has all the characteristics mentioned. They are connected with the peculiarities of it processing thanks to which all important and useful elements for a man’s organism stay in this tea. Women that are waiting for a baby a not strictly forbidden to drink the tea. However, it is recommended not to overdo with it. This is due to the fact that green tea contains a strong psychostimulant – caffeine. Drinking big amounts of caffeine may influence negatively the health of a woman. This product increases blood pressure and heartbeat too much. Future mothers should be especially careful at the end of the first and the beginning of the 2nd trimester. Caffeine may have rather a negative influence on the health of a baby. It delays the formation and development of a baby. As a result, a risk of premature birth increases. Fortunately, green tea contains much less caffeine than, for example, coffee. Still, you’d better take care of the health of the baby and drink it carefully.

It is proved that a pregnant woman is allowed to drink up to 200 ml. of caffeine. Such a dosage won’t be able to harm a woman and her baby. You need to understand that this dosage equals to 3-4 cups of the tea per day. However, it is known that many other products may contain caffeine as well (cocoa, cola, chocolate, various drinks). That’s why a woman that is waiting for a baby is allowed to drink the tea only after she excludes other products that contain caffeine from her diet. Consequently, a woman is recommended to drink only 1-2 cups per day. Such amount won’t be harmful, but it will give a woman a significant amount of useful elements.

In connection with this, you should also pay attention to the opinion of spanish scientists. Their researches have shown that green tea has one more negative influence on a woman that is waiting for a baby. They say that green tea significantly decreases the influence of folic acid and drugs that are made on the basis of it. Future mothers are really recommended taking folic acid (during the first stage of the pregnancy). It contributes to a harmonious development of a baby. Consequently, scientists prove that green tea contributes to the appearance of various problems in the development of a baby by decreasing the functioning of folic acid. To be more exact, a risk of a baby being born with illnesses of the spine brain increases. We need to point out that this is only one point of view. Other scientist absolutely disagree with it. There isn’t enough evidence and this aspect is not yet thoroughly studied. On the opposing side, the use of this tea that all people love so much was checked long ago.

How is Green Tea During Pregnancy Useful?

This drink contains lots of antioxidants that significantly improve health and prevent the cells from getting destroyed. This tea also contains big amounts of microelements (calcium, iron, zinc, magnesium and others). Thanks to this drink the organism becomes stronger, the amount of sugar and cholesterol in blood gets balanced, blood pressure becomes better, the functioning of heart and organism in overall become better. Even the condition of your teeth and bones improves – they become stronger.

When fighting with toxicosis pregnant women start drinking this tea. It also contributes to preventing diabetes. If a future mother drinks it in moderate amount, it will only be useful for her. You’d better not drink more than the recommended dosage. “know when to stop” is a good motto for keeping yourself healthy. Green tea is rather tasty with lemon or honey. The mixture is really delicious, flavored and useful. However you shouldn’t drink tea during you eat and right after you’ve finished eating. It influences negatively on the assimilation of iron and other elements.

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  • Ruth says:

    I’m drinking only green tea during the course of pregnancy. My blood pressure increases if I drink coffee or black tea

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