Green Discharge During Pregnancy

Green Discharge During Pregnancy


Light Green Discharge During Pregnancy

Throughout a woman's life, vaginal discharge tends to change its color, texture and quantity. This is explained by hormonal changes occurring throughout the menstrual cycle. Discharge depends on hormones that dominate in a particular period, thus a pregnant woman may witness her discharge changing from liquid and colorless to thick and scarce.

What Does Green Discharge During Pregnancy Mean?

It happens that the vaginal discharge turns green, which makes a woman think the worst. But do not hurry on conclusions. Of course, this a symptom of many genital diseases, they are the first to suspect. However, such discharge in a pregnant woman may be caused by her condition. It may happen so that the hormonal imbalance in a pregnant woman causes drastic changes in the color of her discharge. They may acquire a greenish shade, and you would think that everything is worse than it actually is. Sometimes even yellowish discharge seems green in a specific light.

If the discharge doesn’t cause you any trouble: it isn’t itchy or smelly, you don’t have to worry. In any case, you should seek medical advice, because in most cases, genital infections almost are asymptomatic. In this way, your body may signal you about a minor damage of the genital mucosa. If the discharge appears after visiting the gynecologist, tell him about it.

If the green discharge appeared during pregnancy, it may be a symptom of the body failure. Often pregnant women are prone to vaginal dysbiosis that manifests itself in greenish discharge with a fishy smell, similar to flaking films. If this is the case, the treatment will have to be postponed until the baby is born or even until you finish breastfeeding.

Almost every pregnant suffers from thrush, because at this period it escalates or even occurs for the first time. This disease features white cheese discharge with a sour smell, accompanied by itching, burning, redness or swelling. All these symptoms indicate that a woman has candidiasis, also called thrush. If the green discharge is accompanied by pain in lower abdomen, frequent urination etc., this indicated that the organs of the urogenital system are inflamed. Inflamed ovaries and fallopian tubes produce bright yellow discharge, sometimes with a green shade.

The inflammation also causes a rise in temperature. If planning the pregnancy or in the early terms of gestation you passed the tests, and they didn’t reveal any genital infections, this means that the disease didn’t have enough time to manifest itself. The disease needs time to reveal itself. Sexual infections are most often accompanied by green discharge with a yellowish and brownish tint.

  • Bacterial vaginosis (gardnerellosis) – whitish or greyish discharge with a greenish tint, burning sensation at external genital organs, burning increases while urinating, discomfort and pain during sex.
  • Chlamydia often doesn't reveal itself, but sometimes you can feel discomfort during urination and itching of vaginal walls, and have greenish discharge.
  • Trichomoniasis often goes asymptomatic, and discharge causes irritation in the upper reproductive organs and the vagina, greenish discharge is also a possible symptom.
  • Gonorrhea-the first symptom is burning and pain during urination, frequent urination, purulent white-yellowish or greenish discharge, after a while it becomes more profuse, appear pain, swelling, itching and burning of the genitals.

If a pregnant woman has scarce green discharge, that may indicate the development of an infection. After some time the infection worsens and the discharge becomes more profuse. The mom-to-be is likely to avoid all unpleasant infections, because pregnant women mostly lead a decent lifestyle and have one sexual partner, and monitor the hygiene. Do not be scared if you detect a disease, you need to see your doctor, and he will administer you a proper sparing treatment suitable for a pregnant woman.

Green Discharge During Pregnancy: How to Treat and What to Do?

The most important thing is not to worry. Do not work up yourself, simply go to see your doctor to establish a right diagnosis. Mostly green discharge in pregnancy doesn’t pose a particular threat, but sometimes it can affect the fetal development. Therefore, if a doctor prescribes you a treatment, stick to it.

Nowadays, there are medications that cause less harm than the fast progressing infection. Moreover, your doctor will double check you before prescribing a treatment. He will estimate whether it is worth starting treatment immediately, or you can wait until the baby will become stronger and less vulnerable to drugs.

If the tests show that a pregnant woman has pathogenic bacteria, she’s unlikely to avoid antibiotics. An experienced doctor knows about the side effects of antibiotics, he is sure to assign a course of probiotics, which will prevent the vaginal microflora from failing, and green discharge will not appear. Such discharge may appear after a course of antibiotics.

Thrush in pregnancy is virtually incurable. This is explained by the fact that medications that a pregnant woman may take, don’t cure, but only alleviate symptoms for a while. Gynecologists prefer drugs inhibiting the disease, but before the birth, you will have to treat the thrush thoroughly, because there is a risk of infecting the baby, when he will pass through the birth canal.

You should care about yourself, or may need to change something in your lifestyle, as green discharge may be caused by wearing synthetic clothes, using pads or tampons or detergents with odorant and flavors. Don't neglect the advice of your doctor. He may offer to proceed to examination after you tell him about your problem. After he will take smears to establish the diagnosis, and if necessary prescribe a treatment. This is not the worst disease you may have during pregnancy, there many worse things. However, it should not be ignored.

What type of Discharge is Normal for Pregnant and Non-Pregnant Women?


  • Jen says:

    This article is a relief to read. It is a holiday weekend, and I cannot see my doctor until Tuesday. I am 18 and a half weeks pregnant. So, I was really nervous about this discharge. But, your article put my mind at ease. And, stopped me from jumping to conclusions.Thanks, again!

  • Jazzy says:

    Hey I’m just wondering I’m 16 weeks and 4 days Pregnant and I’ve noticed that I have weird greeny yellow discharge. Do you think it can be caused from sex as well by any chance? Been worried all day by it.

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