Flu Shot In Pregnancy

Flu Shot In Pregnancy


Flu Shot for Pregnancy

Everyone knows that pregnancy for a woman is a period of great risks associated with a decrease in immunity and capital restructuring of the body. That is why you need to constantly monitor the state of women's health: any illness can badly affect the formation and development of the fetus. Nothing terrible that the question of whether or not to be vaccinated against influenza during pregnancy is of concern to many women, especially during viral infections. Flu – this is a very dangerous disease: it is easy to catch, and the effects of the disease can be serious, even of death.

Is the Flu Shot Safe During Pregnancy?

Unfortunately, modern medicine today cannot give an unambiguous conclusion about the flu shots at the time of pregnancy. Although there is a tendency that this procedure does not present a particular threat to the mother and the fetus, but on the contrary, it can protect a woman and child from the consequences of complex diseases. The emphasis is on the fact that, of course, from influenza one should be vaccinated before pregnancy planning, which eliminates possible risks. But, if you need to be vaccinated being pregnant, there is no need to refuse it.

Argument is that the risk of the disease is higher than the risk of complications after vaccination. This step is completely and entirely justified, if the expectant mother also falls into the risk group, which includes women with diabetes, asthma, diseases of the nervous system, liver, kidneys, heart. However, even in healthy women who during pregnancy "caught" the flu, experts often then observe the complications associated with the disease. And all because at the time of pregnancy a woman is most susceptible to viral diseases, and the body cannot fight them.

The final decision on whether to conduct a flu shot is of a woman and a specialist. If a pregnant woman still decides to vaccination, it is necessary to carry it out before 14 weeks of pregnancy. For a 1-trimester baby you can do the most damage. Women should not be vaccinated against the flu during the epidemic, because in the first three weeks after vaccination the immune system is formed. As a result it is necessary to take care of vaccination in advance. Modern medications are well suited for vaccines that contain in their composition the least of hazardous components. But we need to know exactly that the expectant mother does not suffer from allergies.

In pregnancy, the flu shot is encouraged by some experts also for other reasons. Thus, according to research special antibodies that are produced after vaccination may penetrate through the placenta to the baby. As a result, even in the utero the baby already forms immunity to the disease, which persists 6 months after the birth.

Whether a Vaccination During Pregnancy?

Whether a vaccination during pregnancy is needed or not is hard to say. But every woman should take all possible preventions to avoid the flu. You need to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and in the cold you should not get cold. At the time of the epidemic of influenza you should avoid crowded places. And with respect to prevention you should use oxolinic ointment and interferon. If someone from the family "brought" the virus, it is necessary to limit the contact with a pregnant woman. This is very important in the early days of the disease, when it is in an active form, and there is a great risk of infection.

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