Fish Oil During Pregnancy

Fish Oil During Pregnancy


Fish Oil in Pregnancy

Fish oil is very useful for the pregnant women, as it strengthens not only the mom’s body but also contributes to the normal progression of pregnancy and fetal development. In the absence of contraindications, fish oil can be prescribed to any pregnant.

Fish oil administration is especially beneficial for the patients with the following problems:

  • lack or shortage of seafood in the diet;
  • risks of the fetal growth retardation;
  • recurrent miscarriage;
  • high probability of late poisoning and premature birth activity.

Benefits Of Fish Oil In Pregnancy

Fish oil is very good for the pregnant, as it contains vitamins A and D, microelements (iron, selenium, iodine, bromine, calcium), Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, which has a beneficial effect on both the expectant mother, the fetus and the pregnancy in whole.

Reasons why fish oil is so useful for pregnant women:

  • it strengthens the immune system;
  • improves functioning of the cardiovascular system;
  • stabilizes the higher nervous activity;
  • lowers cholesterol levels;
  • suppresses inflammatory symptoms, in particular, in the placenta (due to high concentrations of anti-inflammatory lipids);
  • improves the state of mucous membranes, nails, hair, and skin;
  • reduces risks of poisoning (reduces nausea);
  • exercises a positive effect on psycho-emotional state of a pregnant stimulating the secretion of serotonin (the hormone of joy).

Influence on the Fetus

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Fish oil is beneficial for the embryo for these reasons:

  • it improves the embryo’s nutrition by speeding up the blood circulation in the placenta;
  • contributes to the baby’s weight growth;
  • reduces the risk of allergies;
  • compulsory for normal formation and functioning of the embryo’s nervous system, as fish oil contains vitamin A (retinol);
  • supports proper bone formation and growth, as it contains vitamin D, which also prevents rickets in the future;
  • has a favorable impact on intellectual development of the baby;
  • decreases the risks of diabetes in the baby, born to the mother, who suffered from diabetes during the gestation.

Fish oil influences pregnancy in several ways:

  • reduces the risks of a premature birth;
  • reduces the likelihood of late poisoning (preeclampsia);
  • improves the functioning of the placenta and blood circulation in both the uterus and the placenta.

Consumption of fish oil supplements after birth contributes to:

  • increase of breast milk amounts;
  • reduction of risks of postpartum depression.

Intake of fish oil during pregnancy is even more beneficial than the consumption of seafood that contains enough Omega-3 fatty acids. This is explained by the presence of toxic compounds (mercury, for example) in seafood, which fish oil dosage forms (capsules, liquid) do not contain, thus fish oil is safer for the pregnant.


However, fish oil consumption is prohibited for the pregnant with:

  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • renal diseases including urinary stone disease (urolithiasis), chronic kidney failure;
  • active form of pulmonary tuberculosis;
  • fish oil in combination with vitamin complexes (in particular, A and D vitamins) should be taken with caution in order to prevent their overstocks (hypervitaminosis) which is even worse than shortage of these substances.

Before consuming fish oil during pregnancy, consult your doctor (general practitioner, obstetrician-gynecologist), and if necessary undergo additional tests.

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