EPT Pregnancy Test

EPT Pregnancy Test


EPT Digital Pregnancy Test

Series of tests EPT is based on human chorionic gonadotropin, HCG, to confirm pregnancy if detected. The test accuracy is declared to be of 99 %. As a rule, women go and purchase the test stick only when they suspect pregnancy, meaning when they have their late periods. This is the easy test to do on your own and to read the results with understanding. You do the test and read up to 3 minutes only to know whether you are pregnant or not.

Steps Use

1. Get the test. You can get the ЕРТ pregnancy tests wherever they are unthorized to sell it, where in stores or drug-stores. Its price varies from 4 to 12 $ depending on wholesale supplies and thenumber of sticks in the test pack.

EPT Pregnancy Test 0

2. Unwrap the pack and get your test stick. Important: when you feel like you are availabl to do the test without being interrupted, you remove you unwrap the packet.

EPT Pregnancy Test 1

3. Take the cap (purple) off at its end. The tip that absorbs the urine should stay open and available for the test.

EPT Pregnancy Test 2

4. With your thumb, keep the stick with that working tip downward.

EPT Pregnancy Test 3

5. Urinate onto the tip for approximately 5 seconds. If you are inconvenient or uncomfortable, you are free to get your urine sample into a sterile urine collector. Insert the stick with the tip that absorbs the urine into the urine sample in the urine collector and wait for 20 seconds.

EPT Pregnancy Test 4

6. Remove the stick and place it onto the stable surface with the window up from where you can read the results in 2 minutes.

EPT Pregnancy Test 5

7. Examine the stick in 2 minutes. When the result is ready, a control line appears in the square window. If not, the test is defected to rely on. Discard the test and have another one.

EPT Pregnancy Test 6

8. Check, whether positive (ΙΙ) or negative (Ι) symbol appears.

EPT Pregnancy Test 7

Positive (ΙΙ) – you are pregnant. It is blue with some dark or light blue tint. Seek for your doctor’s consultation to verify your pregnancy and discuss your health status to bear a child.

Negative (Ι) – you are not pregnant. If you suspect that the test strip is defected or something wrong with result reading, especially when you are still experiencing certain pregnancy symptoms (at least, you have your periods late), re-check it again in several days (-7 days). After that, you may want to go to see a doctor to verify results.

How to Take an EPT Pregnancy Test

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